Moriah Wilson’s Killer, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong‘s Trial Date is Set

25 Years Old Moriah Wilson Took Gravel Racing for An Electric Years Yet This Star Has Fallen Forever

Anna Moriah Wilson, a gravel cycling star on the rise was shot to death on May, 11 when she went to Austin Texas to race Gravel Locos.

According to Austin police, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong was the alleged killer but she was captured and arrested in July because she had fled to Costa Rica after being questioned by police. Pled not Guilty, now she is being held for her trial in June 2023.

We have collected the information about Kaitlin Marie Armstrong and put the events in chronological order. But we will update the timeline when we found new information.

November 9: Kaitlin Marie Armstrong’s defense attorney’s motions to suppress some evidence and interviews were rejected by the Judge and her trial was confirmed on June 26th, 2023. Jurors are going to be called on the 22nd. Judge Brenda Kennedy said in the court:” “there was no evidence of any intentional disregard for the truth.” She added the reason for Armstrong’s arrest. Armstrong’s bail is 3.5 million dollars and she remains in custody.

Armstrong’s attorney wanted to use a “speed trial” (government prosecution cannot delay the trial arbitrarily )before asking police interviews and Robert Riggs told Fox News this ruling sets up the defense for an appeal post trial.

November 8: Tomorrow the judge will make the announcement if certain interviews and evidence are effective. Late October was the original date.

October 26: According to the pre trial hearings, attorneys for both sides have to file memorandums until November 9.

October 19: Fox News in Austin reported that at a pre-trial hearing, Armstrong’s lawyers submitted various applications to suppress evidence, including details from her initial May interrogation by police. In a week, the trial will finally begin.

September 16A new edition of Dateline on NBC focused on the investigation. When asked about Armstrong, his lawyer said the prosecution’s case was unconvincing in an interview.

August 24: Since the prosecution and defense met with the court to consider the flurry of applications filed by the defense, including one that would ban commentary from the prosecution to the public ahead of the trial, the trial date for Armstrong, originally slated for mid-October, is likely to be postponed. Authorities and Armstrong’s lawyer Rick Cofer have reportedly settled on a gag order to avoid “prejudicial” statements to the press. It’s probable that the judge will grant that request.

August 18: In response to the long affidavits, Armstrong’s legal team submitted a 178-page motion addressing particular topics, with the Austin Chronicle reporting that Armstrong’s lawyers claimed the affidavits contained “lies, mischaracterizations, and reckless disdain for the truth.” The attorneys for Armstrong have also claimed that the proof of her guilt is defective; the Chronicle report includes snippets from police interviews that the lawyers are questioning. But they don’t dispute that Armstrong left the nation under an assumed name. District Judge Brenda Kennedy has scheduled a hearing for August 24 to rule on the legality of these requests.

July 20: During her first court appearance on Wednesday in Austin, Kaitlin Armstrong pled not guilty. She also demanded a speedy trial by jury.

Armstrong’s lawyers have stated that they are prepared to go to trial, but prosecutors have maintained that it is too soon since they have not yet received all of the evidence in the case. The prosecution argued that Armstrong’s case shouldn’t be prioritized above the many others that have been delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Lawyers for Armstrong insisted they were only exercising their client’s right to a trial by jury as quickly as possible and not trying to get her any preferential treatment.


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