Triumph of Tenacity: Chloé Dygert and Quinn Simmons at the U.S. Nationals

On the exciting finale day of the USA Cycling National Road Championship, the world saw the dazzling return of the Stars and Stripes jerseys. Despite the looming gray storm clouds, the women’s event carried on flawlessly, but the men had to brace a storm delay and slippery wet tracks on Sherrod Hill.

A Double Delight for Dygert

A Double Delight for Dygert

Chloé Dygert, from Canyon-SRAM, sprinted to her second victory of the week at the women’s race. The thrill of her triumphant finish was an echo of her time trial success from earlier in the week. As Dygert crossed the finish line, spectators felt a sense of déjà vu, witnessing a finish strikingly similar to how Coryn Labecki (Jumbo-Visma) claimed the criterium victory.

Turning Points and Triumphs

Turning Points and Triumphs

The women’s race saw Heather Fischer (DNA Pro Cycling) brave a solo attack with 60 miles remaining. However, an unfortunate flat tire drew her back to the peloton, paving the way for other riders to front the race. Among the key moments of the race was the EF-Education-Tibco-SVB’s defending champ Emma Langley’s ascend on the Sherrod Road climb, which isolated around 15 riders, including Dygert.

Final Laps of Victory

As the riders reached the final lap, the race’s tempo reached its zenith. Lauren Stephens, another star from EF-Education-Tibco-SVB, spearheaded a demanding pace, with only Dygert, Labecki, and Schneider able to keep up. When the leading group was caught with three miles left, Langley launched a swift attack only to be drawn back. In a thrilling sprint to the finish, Dygert emerged victorious once more.

Quinn Simmons’ Solitary Strength

Simultaneously, the men’s race celebrated a new champion in Quinn Simmons (Trek-Segafredo), who dominated the tracks with a solitary ride to victory. Despite being his only event at the Pro Nationals, Simmons made his presence felt in a victory that revived his career and personal aspirations.

Testing Times and Triumph

The men’s race was a roller-coaster ride right from the start. Early challenges included delays due to thunderstorms and slippery tracks caused by heavy rain. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Simmons seized the day by breaking away with Tyler Williams (L39ion of Los Angeles) with 40 miles left. His unwavering commitment saw him secure his first professional road race title.

A day of Glory

In the face of challenging weather and stiff competition, both Chloé Dygert and Quinn Simmons stormed to victory, their tenacity and talent shining bright. Their triumphs at the U.S. nationals will undoubtedly inspire many and leave a lasting impact on the annals of professional cycling.


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