10 Best Battery Heated Jackets to Keep You Warm This Year

It’s that time of the year again. You may be tempted to go for a bike ride; however, one thing keeps stopping you from doing so. The freezing temperatures in the morning are uncomfortable, and you’ll need to purchase a battery-heated jacket to ensure you don’t freeze on your ride!

In the winter, most bikers usually have two choices. First, you could bulk up on layers by wearing multiple t-shirts over your standard jacket. However, it’s pretty evident that adding layers will reduce your range of movement. It also adds unnecessary weight, making you more uncomfortable on your ride. Instead, try wearing a heated motorcycle jacket.

Battery-heated jackets work by heating certain sections of the jacket to ensure you’re warm. The heating elements are usually placed near the arms, torso, and neck since these are the regions you’re most likely to feel cold. Unfortunately, purchasing a battery-heated jacket isn’t as simple as it seems.

If you search for a battery-heated jacket, you’ll be bombarded with tons of options. When purchasing motorcycle equipment online, it isn’t easy to distinguish between a good and a bad product. We’ve made it easier for you to choose by compiling a list of the top 10 battery-heated jackets you can purchase this year.

Continue reading the article to learn more about the products that can keep you warm this cold winter!

Top 10 Battery-Heated Jackets

#1 Firstgear Gen 4 Heated Jacket Liner

Firstgear Gen 4 Heated Jacket Liner

If you want to get by the winter months, you’ll need a battery-heated jacket to keep you warm. A regular motorcycle jacket can’t do the job; hence, you’ll need a product like this to make you comfortable. The First Gear 4 Heated Jacket is designed to keep you warm and cozy in cold weather. It’s resistant to the elements, so you may ride for longer without getting cold or wet.

In addition, the lightweight shell includes a fleece collar on the inside. This jacket boasts dual heating zones, so you know you’ll be toasty inside. The jacket also excels in the usefulness category since it has built-in plugs for your gloves.

This jacket is made to keep you warm by directing radiant energy to your core and arms. It isn’t like any heated jacket since there is a range of temperature settings you can pick from. Modern excellent fitting spandex provides rapid heat transmission, so you may get the warmth you need without waiting around.

Shop here: Firstgear Gen 4 Heated Jacket Liner

#2 509 R-200 Ignite Jacket Liner

509 R-200 Ignite Jacket Liner

The 509 R-200 Heated Jacket Liner is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a warm and cozy inner layer. This liner may be worn under your jacket as an extra layer of insulation, keeping you toasty no matter the weather. Buying this jacket may make a huge impact if you plan on doing any serious riding in the upcoming winter months.

The R-200 Ignite liner’s unique insulation keeps you warm without adding unnecessary weight, thanks to its use of a lightweight fabric that traps heat within. You can be certain that you will remain cozy even if the weather takes a turn for the worse since the outer shell is both windproof and waterproof.

Investing in an R-200 inner liner will save you from the hassle of layering. It has a battery that works for hours, keeping you warm in any weather! In addition, you may customize your comfort level by choosing from one of three heat levels.

Shop here: 509 R-200 Ignite Jacket Liner

#3 Tour Master Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket

Tour Master Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket

The Tour Master Heated Jacket is one of the few true battery-heated jackets on the market. It is made using high-quality materials to ensure your safety. As the temperature drops, you’ll need a jacket like the Pro-Plus to warm you up on your bike ride. It is one of the most convenient jackets on the market, and here’s why.

It features seven heating elements that are placed around the jacket to ensure that all of your upper body is kept warm. There are three different heat settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your needs. You can select the heat setting by using the Bluetooth app or the soft touch controller that is built into the jacket.

The jacket is made from water and wind-resistant fabric with an inner liner to ensure it is well-insulated. The outer shell is tear-resistant, so you can expect it to last you a long time. With a strong 12V battery, the jacket can keep you warm for hours on end!

Shop here: Tour Master Synergy BT Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket

#4 Firstgear Heated WP-Breathable Jacket

Firstgear Heated WP-Breathable Women's Jacket

The Firstgear Heated WP-Breathable Jacket is an excellent choice if you’re in need of a lightweight, breathable jacket for those early-morning rides in the winter. The unique polyester fabric of this jacket makes it warm without being restrictive. Air may flow via the vents, preventing the inside from heating up too much.

Keep your core body temperature steady while traveling with the help of this jacket’s removable inside warmer. A 90Wh battery gives it the strength to keep you toasty for a long time. You can tell this jacket was made with motorcyclists in mind thanks to how well it fits, how pleasant it is to wear, and how well it looks.

In addition to the chest pocket, which is waterproof, there are two hand warmer pockets. The dynamic fit of the jacket is exceptional, giving it an athletic appearance. When riding at night, you’ll be safer thanks to the reflective strips on the sides. The oncoming vehicles will be able to see you, keeping you safe.

Shop here: Firstgear Heated WP-Breathable Jacket

#5 509 Syn Loft Ignite Heated Jacket

509 Syn Loft Ignite Heated Jacket

The 509 Syn Loft Ignite Jacket is designed to keep you warm on the coldest nights of the year! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a trail or a regular road; the insulation in this jacket is so good that you’re bound to stay comfortable! Along with its heating elements, this jacket is one of the best in the industry to keep you warm in winter.

The Ignite Heated Jacket features carbon heating elements that are made from the best materials to ensure they last a long time. There are three temperature settings and numerous heating zones to control the warmth. Furthermore, the jacket features a whopping two hundred grams of insulation, keeping the cold out.

In terms of practicality, not many jackets come close to this one! The Ignite jacket has zippered hand pockets that are insulated to warm your hands. Furthermore, the jacket is water and wind-resistant, but it is still breathable. Despite its features, the jacket is light and can be stored easily in your bike compartment.

Shop here: 509 Syn Loft Ignite Heated Jacket

#6 Gerbing 7V Torrid 2.0 Softshell Heated Vest

Gerbing 7V Torrid 2.0 Softshell Heated Vest

The Torrid 2.0 softshell heated vest is a must-have for any biker who frequently rides in chilly conditions. This heated vest includes a windproof and water-resistant outer shell and four separate Microwire heating zones for optimum warmth and comfort in any weather. You can’t top the warmth and coziness of this vest.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery stores energy to provide heat on demand for up to 10 hours. If you turn on this heated vest, you will be more comfortable in the cold than ever before. You can adjust the temperature to your liking with multiple heating zones and settings.

This vest outperforms other insulated outerwear in terms of breathability, mobility, and durability. The bonded fleece lining and long-lasting water-repellent covering provide unmatched warmth and comfort. If style and comfort are your priority, the Torrid 2.0 Softshell Heated Vest is a great addition to your biking equipment.

Shop here: Gerbing 7V Torrid 2.0 Softshell Heated Vest

#7 Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner

Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner

The second part of the year is when you need a warm jacket the most. Most jackets provide insulation, but there are instances when small details make a big impact. In frigid temperatures, the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket will keep you toasty. It can resist all environmental conditions!

The addition of a sleek elastic cuff further enhances the fit of the Gerbing 12V jacket. The jacket’s longevity is ensured by the YKK zippers, which are unbreakable. Finally, it features glove storage connectors on the sleeves so that you can ditch the extra bags.

The seven heating zones in the jacket will keep you toasty during your ride. This is not just an old jacket; it’s something special. The jacket’s ripstop exterior makes it more durable by reducing the likelihood of tears. Thanks to the drop tail-back design, you’ll have more protection from the elements while riding.

Shop here: Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner

#8 Gerbing 7V Heated Hoody

Gerbing 7V Heated Hoody

Our third Gerbing selection on this list is the 7V Heated Hoody, and it won’t come as a surprise to learn that it’s for the same reasons as the other two. Overheating is a common problem with jackets during longer bike rides. You’ll need something more lightweight, like a hoodie, to get through; the extra weight they add isn’t pleasant.

If you’re a cyclist, you need a Gerbing 7V Heated Hoody. Microwire heating keeps you toasty even in subzero conditions. Also, it contains three heating zones for added coziness, one for the core, arms, and neck. You may choose the level of warmth you want from among the three options.

The wind and water repellency of the jacket ensures that you will remain toasty and dry through any storm. This jacket has an incredible eight-hour battery life, making it perfect for road trips. A lifetime warranty covers the heating components, so you know they will last a long time.

Shop here: Gerbing 7V Heated Hoody

#9 Hotwired 12v Bluetooth Heated Jacket Liner

Hotwired 12v Bluetooth Heated Jacket Liner

The Hotwired 12v Bluetooth Heated Jacket Liner is a must-have for motorcyclists who spend their time outside braving the elements. The liner’s ease of use made it impossible for us to leave it off our top 10.

The use of Bluetooth technology makes this jacket liner stand out. Turning your jacket on and off is as simple as picking up your phone. Choose one of the ten different temperature settings to find the ideal environment. Your jacket also features a built-in remote that lets you choose between three different heat settings.

With this liner, you won’t have to suffer through a ride in the cold since it will quickly bring your upper body temperature up to a comfortable level. You can warm up your chest, back, neck, and sleeves with the Hotwired Jacket Liner’s carbon fiber heating components.

Shop here: Hotwired 12v Bluetooth Heated Jacket Liner

#10 Gerbing 7V Khione 2.0 Heated Puffer Jacket

Gerbing 7V Khione 2.0 Heated Puffer Jacket

Regardless of the weather, you’ll be toasty warm with the Gerbing 7V Khione 2.0 Heated Puffer Jacket, thanks to its four separate heating zones. There is a 7V rechargeable battery that powers the jacket’s heating system, allowing for endless hours of warmth.

This puffer jacket is not only practical but stylish as well. This puffer jacket is spotless black and has plenty of room for your belongings. The ripstop fabric it’s manufactured from makes it durable and safeguards you from injury in the event of a tumble. 

The puffer jacket can protect you from the elements while keeping you warm and dry, so it’s ideal for use in harsh environments. This jacket can last up to eight hours on a single charge, making it ideal for long trips. The heating components are guaranteed for life by the manufacturer, so you know they are durable.

Shop here: Gerbing 7V Khione 2.0 Heated Puffer Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

What are battery-heated jackets?

If you’re looking for a jacket to keep you warm this winter, you’ll need a battery-heated jacket. These jackets feature battery-powered heating to keep you warm for hours on end. The heating elements are placed around sensitive regions of your torso and arms to keep you comfortable.

Most jackets also feature temperature controls through buttons or a Bluetooth application. They will generally also have water and wind-resistant fabric to keep you warm in winter.

How much do battery-heated jackets cost?

When you’re buying a battery-heated jacket, you can’t afford to try your luck with a cheap product. You’ll need to ensure that you’re getting a jacket that is made with high-quality materials. Most heated jackets will cost anywhere between $250 and $700. Some may cross this limit; however, you won’t need to break the bank to purchase yours!

Final Thoughts

One of the best pieces of gear you can get for your motorbike is a jacket with an integrated heating system. You won’t have any trouble finding the ideal heated jacket, despite the abundance of choices available. 

You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a good deal and a product that meets or exceeds your standards if you buy something from our recommended list.


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