10 Best Big & Tall Leather Jackets in 2023

Nothing feels better than purchasing a motorcycle jacket that fits perfectly and complements your style. Motorcycle jackets are an essential part of your safety equipment, as they can prevent scratches and burns if you were to fall from your bike. However, you may encounter a few problems when trying to purchase a good jacket.

You’re bound to hit a roadblock if you require larger sizes than normal. Unfortunately, most motorcycle jacket producers forget to account for big and tall sizes, making it more difficult to find the right good quality jacket. However, there are some good options out there; you need to look carefully to ensure you’re buying the right product.

Another problem you may face is picking out the right style. As we enter the final half of the year, we would recommend getting a leather jacket. Leather jackets are timeless; they look great and can protect you if you were to tumble.

With the number of options on the market, you may have a hard time finding a good quality product. We’ve compiled a list of the best leather jackets that come in larger sizes, making the search a little easier for you! Don’t wait any longer; read our article and pick a product you like.

Top 10 Big & Tall Leather Jackets in 2023

#1 Klim Badlands Pro Jacket

Klim Badlands Pro A3 Jacket

If you want to ride your bike in style, the Klim Badlands Pro is a great jacket to have. It can handle even the hardest journeys. Stay dry in the rain thanks to the outer shell’s water resistance and perspiration-wicking construction. If you plan on riding your bike for long journeys, you’ll appreciate this jacket’s performance features.

One or more of the jacket’s pockets are sealed off from the elements to ensure their contents stay dry. It also has leather cuffs, adding to its sleek finish. The Badlands Pro has a superior ventilation system that can keep you cool even on the warmest days.

The specific metal plates in the jacket will assist absorb some of the force if you happen to fall from your bike. The revolutionary body armor of the Aero Pro D30 protects the rider from devastating blows. Reflective panels are situated on the sleeves, back, and front of the jacket. It can handle even the most treacherous of travels.

Shop here: Klim Badlands Pro Jacket

#2 Rukka Yorkton Leather Jacket

Rukka Yorkton Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for something that looks more like a traditional leather jacket, the Rukka Yorkton Jacket is a great pick for you. It is designed to give a vintage leather jacket look, elevating your style instantly. The jacket perfectly combines the past and present to make a safe leather jacket as you ride your bike.

The Rukka Yorkton features a special abrasion and scratch-resistant cow leather, giving you the iconic style of a leather jacket. The elbows and shoulders have quilted leather stitching, further touching upon those classic notes. It also has a few external pockets that are waterproof to store your valuables.

Furthermore, the jacket combines a ton of modern safety features to ensure your protection. It has Level 1 CE protection at the shoulders and elbows, keeping you safe from falls. The jacket is also compatible with a back protector; however, that is sold separately.

Shop here: Rukka Yorkton Leather Jacket

#3 Merlin Gable WP Jacket

Merlin Gable WP Jacket

Leather jackets are a great addition to improve your safety. If you want a big and tall leather jacket, the Merlin Gable jacket is a good choice for you. This jacket is great for riders in tough weather conditions because it has waterproofing features that can keep you dry, even in the wettest conditions.

The jacket features special cowhide leather, giving it the classic leather motorcycle jacket look. Furthermore, the jacket has waterproofing features, keeping you dry in tough weather conditions. With special YKK zippers and a connecting zipper to hook to your jeans, this jacket takes all the points in comfort.

In terms of safety, not many jackets can compete with the Merlin Gable jacket. The jacket provides well-rounded protection thanks to its CE AAA certification. It has D3O protectors near the shoulders and elbows to protect you if you fall. Moreover, it has a standard back protector that comes with the jacket.

Shop here: Merlin Gable WP Jacket

#4 REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

Most motorcyclists wouldn’t dream of riding without their trademark black leather jacket. The REAX Kelly Jacket is an excellent option if you want a leather jacket that fits your size. This classic piece is crafted from genuine cowhide leather and has CE Level 2 shoulder and elbow armor for maximum protection.

This jacket’s hip gussets are adjustable by zipper, and the sleeves are articulated for your comfort. This jacket will keep you warm without compromising your style. It has a snapback collar and an inner made of moisture-wicking stretch mesh to help you stay cool.

There’s a loop in the jacket for you to connect your belt or jeans, so you can keep everything together and close at hand. It also has waterproof pockets to store your valuables. If you want to play it safe, the Kelly Leather Jacket from REAX is a great option because of its timeless design.

Shop here: REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

#5 Street & Steel Blade Jacket

Street & Steel Blade Jacket

The drum-dyed leather Street & Steel Blade Jacket is a timeless piece of outerwear. The jacket is a perfect fit for all motorcyclists out there. The stretchy waistband and internal mesh lining provide additional comfort, while the protective padding ensures your safety.

The mesh airflow lining and the opening on the sides of the jackets allow air to pass through, offering increased breathability simply. Riders benefit greatly from this function in the summer when the heat and humidity make it unpleasant to wear a jacket. The waist may be made to fit thanks to the extension zipper. 

The most vulnerable parts of the body are protected by the jacket’s shoulder and elbow pads. In the event of an accident, the jacket is designed to absorb the impact, saving you from nasty injuries. The diversity of jacket sizes allows you to pick the appropriate size for yourself.

Shop here: Street & Steel Blade Jacket

#6 First Manufacturing Enforcer Jacket

First Manufacturing Enforcer Jacket

The First Manufacturing Enforcer Jacket is the best option for you if you want to look good and feel safe at the same time. This leather jacket is perfect in every way, and we know you’ll like it. The classic look delivers a bold statement, elevating your style.

Although the strong fabric of the jacket offers protection from hard wind and impact, it nevertheless allows air to circulate. The jacket will keep you cool on the hottest days thanks to a chest zipper vent and perforated action backs. Furthermore, the jacket has elbow and shoulder protectors to ensure you’re safe as you ride your bike.

However, the product’s design is the key selling point. The jacket may be adjusted for a perfect fit at the waist with buckles on the side. It would help if you had this jacket in your closet since its zipper detailing, asymmetrical design, and American cut make it stand out. The jacket also has plenty of pockets, so you’ll have ample space to store your valuables.

Shop here: First Manufacturing Enforcer Jacket

#7 Alpinestars Stella Vika v2 Jacket

Alpinestars Vika v2 Women's Jacket

If you want to feel like a real biker woman but have trouble finding your size, the Alpinestars Stella Vika jacket is the perfect choice for you. It is a high-quality, runway-ready garment that prioritizes both style and security. The jacket is made from the best materials, so you know it is high-quality.

The jacket’s elbow and shoulder protectors are CE-certified and small to keep the jacket’s feminine silhouette while providing the same protection level as their bulkier competitors. The windproof laminated panels and the rear pockets designed for back protectors make this jacket an excellent choice for riding in adverse conditions.

The all-female Alpinestars fashion team developed this jacket to help you channel your inner bike queen. It comes in two equally chic colors, black and blue. This high-quality garment will last you a very long time because of its long-lasting fabric and classic style.

Shop here: Alpinestars Stella Vika v2 Jacket

#8 Scorpion Exo 1909 Leather Jacket

Scorpion EXO 1909 Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for something a little trendier, the Scorpion Exo Leather Jacket is a great pick for you. The jacket features a classic style with soft distressed leather, giving it a bold look. The best part about this jacket is that you can also wear it off your bike!

The jacket has many comfort features to ensure you don’t feel distressed on longer journeys. It has a padded collar and stretches panels to provide maximum comfort while you’re on your bike.

This jacket is up there with some of the best in terms of safety. The jacket has Sas-tec armor at the shoulders and elbows to protect you if you have an accident. It is also compatible with an optional back protector.

Shop here: Scorpion Exo 1909 Leather Jacket

#9 Sedici Corsa Perforated Leather Jacket

Sedici Corsa Perforated Leather Jacket

Are you looking for a leather jacket that is geared toward maximizing performance? If so, you’ll need to invest in the Sedici Perforated Leather Jacket. The jacket combines safety, performance, and comfort, making it ideal for most bikers.

The jacket is made from race-grade leather, ensuring you’ll be unobstructed by it. Most of the jacket has double or triple-stitched regions to prevent premature tears. Furthermore, an anti-bacterial inner liner ensures the jacket is hygienic at all times.

Since this jacket is designed to maximize performance, it has enough safety features to protect you while you’re on track. The jacket has level 2 CE armor at the elbow and shoulders. The jacket also has aramid reinforced forearms.

Shop here: Sedici Corsa Perforated Leather Jacket

#10 Street & Steel Outlander Jacket

Street & Steel Outlander Jacket

Our last pick is the Street & Steel Outlander Jacket, and it is the perfect choice for you if you want an affordable product that doesn’t compromise on quality. The jacket features a classic leather design with naturally dyed leather.

The Outlander comes with a thermal inner liner that has 80g of insulation for colder nights. With internal pockets to store your valuables, you don’t have to worry about the stuff you’re carrying. It also has waist adjusters that ensure the perfect fit.

The jacket has safety protectors in sensitive regions that can protect you from injuries if you were to get in an accident. The Outlander has CE-certified protectors at the elbows and shoulders, with a  back protector that comes included! Moreover, there is a reflective stripe for visibility in lowlight conditions.

Shop here: Street & Steel Outlander Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather jackets safe to wear on a motorcycle?

Wearing a jacket on your bike is essential if you want to protect yourself from debris. It can also block out wind and rain, keeping you dry on your journey. Furthermore, if you were to fall, bike jackets can absorb the impact of a crash while preventing nasty burns and scratches. 

Leather jackets designed to be worn on a bike are perfectly safe on a journey. They usually have protectors in sensitive regions like the shoulders and elbows to protect you. Moreover, the outer shell is usually designed to stay resistant to tears and scratches so that it can last you a long time.

How much do leather jackets cost?

Just like any other purchase, you need to make sure the leather jacket you buy is worth your money. This is one place you cannot afford to skimp out on. With your safety on the line, you need to make sure the jacket you buy is made from high-quality materials and has enough comfort features.

Most jackets cost anywhere between $200 to $700, while a few options cost over this range. You’ll need to look for a jacket that is within your budget and meets all your standards. Don’t rush your purchase; pick a product from our list to ensure you get a good deal.

Final Thoughts

If you require big & tall leather jackets, you’ll need to search extensively.  Leather jackets are a great investment because they can protect you when you’re riding your bike. Aside from safety, the jackets are a great addition to your wardrobe. These jackets can instantly elevate your style, making you look a lot better!

If you plan on purchasing a jacket from our list, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the jacket. We’ve ensured that every product was constructed with high-quality components, making your choice even easier. 

Furthermore, most choices are lightweight and have ample protection to save you from injuries if you fall.



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