10 Best Sport Bike Jackets in 2023

When most bikers consider purchasing equipment for their safety, they’ll look for helmets and gloves. However, one basic safety product that is often overlooked is a motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets feature a wide range of safety and comfort features to improve the quality of your bike ride!

In the event of an accident, riders frequently suffer from severe burns and scrapes. You won’t have to worry about getting hurt as badly if you wear a motorbike jacket because the padding in the chest and shoulders is very thick.

Comfort is as vital as safety to most motorcyclists. The good thing about motorcycle jackets is that they don’t obstruct airflow, so you won’t feel warm when you have them on. Furthermore, most jackets feature water and wind-proof inner liners to ensure you stay dry, even during the rain. 

Recently, biker jackets have become a global fashion icon. A cool jacket is all you need to compliment your overall aesthetic if you own a sports bike. Sports bike jackets aren’t just visually appealing but are also designed to protect you in case you crash.

There are two main types of sport-riding jackets on the market: leather and textile. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. If you’re going to be riding fast and engaging in risky riding, then leather jackets are a better choice because they offer more protection. However, textile jackets are usually more comfortable and breathable, so they’re better for riding in hot weather.

This article will help you pick the perfect motorbike jacket by discussing the top 10 jackets you can buy this year.

Top 10 Sport Bike Jackets in 2023

#1 Fly Racing Street Coolpro Jacket

Fly Coolpro Mesh Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket that you can wear year-round, you’ll need to get your hands on the Fly Racing Coolpro Jacket. The jacket offers top-range performance and functionality and is a top-rated product on many websites. Here’s why you should consider purchasing this product over the rest!

The jacket features a special abrasion-resistant mesh fabric that allows ample ventilation. This allows you to stay cool while you ride your bike. It also has a drop-tail to improve coverage and a waterproof removable inner liner. The inner liner is washable and sweat resistant, allowing you to stay comfortable on longer journeys.

In terms of safety, very few jackets can top the Coolpro Jacket. The jacket has removable armor that is approved by the CE. The armor surrounds the shoulders and elbows, providing enough protection to keep you safe in case you crash. It also has back protection to protect the spine from any harmful forces. With high-visibility reflective panels, the jacket should definitely be on top of your list if you want a top-quality sport bike jacket.

Shop here: Fly Racing Street Coolpro Jacket

#2 Klim Apex Jacket

Klim Apex Jacket

You’ll need to consider the Klim Apex Jacket if you want a jacket with racing blood. This jacket was inspired by the Apex, a sweet sport in a corner, where speed and traction are in harmony. It’s the most effective and efficient way around the corner, and mastering it makes you faster. This jacket is somewhat similar, mastering the combination of safety and comfort to give you a reliable product.

The jacket features a Dry Gore-tex 3 pro shell that is water and wind-proof, which makes it resistant to most weather conditions. It is made from a durable nylon fabric that is abrasion and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, it has water-resistant zippers, so it’s bound to last a long time.

Moreover, this jacket features an integrated armor system to keep you safe while you ride your bike. It has shoulder and elbow guards that exceed CE’s level 1 certification. There is a back piece to protect your spine and a strap to ensure the armor stays in place.

Shop here: Klim Apex Jacket

#3 Icon Hooligan Ultrabolt Jacket

Icon Hooligan Ultrabolt Jacket

The Icon Ultrabolt Jacket is the perfect jacket if you’re looking for something with style. Bikers can get a good idea of this jacket by looking at it. With flashy logos all over the jacket, the jacket looks really cool. If you want to look like you mean business on track days, this jacket may be for you!

While the jacket hits home in the style department, that doesn’t take anything away from its functionality! The Ultrabolt jacket features a durable outer fabric that has iron mesh panels. This fabric is designed to keep you safe by preventing tears. It also has ventilation panels to ensure you’re cool on hot days.

The jacket also has D3 protection, which covers the arms, shoulders, and back with strong metal to prevent injuries. The sports fit this jacket offers is unparalleled, offering a sleek look. Finally, it also has YKK zippers, so you know the jacket is long-lasting.

Shop here: Icon Hooligan Ultrabolt Jacket

#4 Icon Contra 2 Jacket

Icon Contra 2 Jacket

The Icon Contra Jacket is the perfect versatile jacket for most sports bikers. You can wear this jacket on the track and on the road, offering the same performance. This jacket is ideal if you’re looking for a no-nonsense product with good comfort features and ample protection to keep you safe.

The jacket features a special textile fabric that most bikers will appreciate. The fabric allows for incredible ventilation, keeping you warm even when riding on a hot sunny day. The jacket also features mesh panels to allow for unobstructed airflow, keeping you cool.

The Contra 2 jacket also has a personalized fit, so there won’t be excess fabric flapping around when you’re riding your bike. It has removable armor on the back, shoulder, and elbows to prevent injuries if you crash at high speeds. Lastly, it also has an insulated inner liner that you can use when the temperature drops.

Shop here: Icon Contra 2 Jacket

#5 Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Air Jacket

Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Air Jacket

The Alpinestars v3 Air Jacket is a lightweight sports bike jacket that is a must-have for most bikers. If you’re looking for lightweight jackets, not many come close to this in terms of performance. The jacket is ideal for bikers that live in warm climates.

This jacket features massive air vents to allow for unobstructed airflow to pass through the jacket. It also has a removable inner liner that is water and sweat-resistant, ensuring you’re dry in most conditions. Furthermore, the sports fit allows for a pre-curved sleeve construction that improves comfort and reduces rider fatigue.

The v3 Air Jacket has a wide range of safety features that allow riders to stay safe while they ride their bike. The abrasion-resistant fabric prevents scratches and burns if you crash. There is also CE level 1 protection around the shoulders and arms, so you know you’re safe when you have this jacket on.

Shop here: Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Air Jacket

#6 Cortech Apex V1 Jacket

Cortech Apex V1 Jacket

If you’re looking for absolute bang for the buck, consider purchasing the Cortech Apex Jacket. While it isn’t the cheapest jacket on the list, it is loaded with features that make it worth its cost! The jacket comes in various color themes, so you can find one that matches your style.

The Apex V1 Jacket is made from cowhide leather that is long-lasting and comfortable to wear. It also features a special sport fit with pre-curved arms, ensuring longer rides are more comfortable. Furthermore, the jacket has a removable thermal inner liner that you can use in the latter half of the year.

In terms of safety, this jacket is up there with the best. It has hard TPU protection guards around the elbow and shoulders. Also, reflective graphics on the front and back ensure you’re safe from oncoming traffic at night.

Shop here: Cortech Apex V1 Jacket

#7 Scorpion EXO Phalanx Jacket

Scorpion EXO Phalanx Jacket

This product may be one of the cheapest on our list and should top your list if you’re looking for an affordable sports jacket. The Phalanx Jacket is a classic sports jacket that provides tough protection against major impacts. It combines safety and practicality to make it worth the money you’re paying for it!

The jacket features a durable, water-resistant outer shell that is abrasion and scratch-resistant. It also has CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection with a back protector to ensure you have multiple layers of safety. Furthermore, reflective areas on the jacket ensure visibility in lowlight conditions.

The Phalanx jacket is also great for comfort. It has a removable inner liner with ample vents to allow for large volumes of air to pass through the jacket. Moreover, the dual adjustment strap ensures that you get a comfortable fit, so there is no excess fabric flying around.

Shop here: Scorpion EXO Phalanx Jacket

#8 REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

A black leather motorcycle jacket is a must-have for most bikers. If you’re looking for one, consider purchasing the REAX Kelly Jacket. Genuine cowhide leather covers this timeless design, while CE Level 2 armor protects the wearer at the shoulders and elbows. 

The articulated sleeves and zip-adjustable hip gussets of this jacket ensure a relaxed, comfortable ride. You can wear this jacket without sacrificing your good looks. In order to keep you cool, it includes a snapback collar and a moisture-wicking stretch mesh interior. 

If you want to keep your belongings together, the jacket has a loop to attach your belt or pants. The Kelly Leather Jacket from REAX is a safe bet, and the classic style will never go out of fashion!

Shop here: REAX Kelly Leather Jacket

#9 Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

When it comes to protective gear for bikers, few jackets provide the same value as the Titan Sport Jacket. The main body features a full-stretch fabric, ensuring a snug, bunch-free fit. The jacket also provides the best possible range of motion on a bike, thanks to its curved arms.

 Strategically placed mesh vents and an articulated design keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long your ride lasts. There are shoulder straps that allow you to wear special back protection when you’re out on the track. 

The jacket also features a special center zipper to easily wear the jacket. With an enhanced moisture-wicking fabric, we could hardly find flaws in the Titan Sport Jacket.

Shop here: Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

#10 Alpinestars Missile V2 Ignition Leather Jacket

Alpinestars Missile V2 Ignition Leather Jacket

The final product on our list is the Alpinestars Ignition Leather Jacket, and it’s perfect for the streets. If you own a sports bike and want to enhance your style, this jacket should do the trick for you! This jacket also comes in three special color designs, so you can further match your style.

The primary frame is constructed of high-quality leather and has wide accordion stretch sections over the chest and shoulders to facilitate a snug and comfortable fit. The sleeves of this jacket have stretchy textile sections to ensure a close fit without restriction.

If you are caught in the rain with your wallet, don’t worry—it has a waterproof pouch inside to protect your belongings. This jacket delivers in almost every segment, which is why we think you should consider purchasing it.

Shop here: Alpinestars Missile V2 Ignition Leather Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I wear a sports bike jacket?

A sport bike jacket is a versatile product that can be worn in various places. You don’t necessarily have to be on a track to rock a sport bike jacket. The product looks equally as good on the road as it does on the track.

If you’re planning on having a track day, investing in a sport bike jacket is probably a good idea. They’re designed to keep you comfortable and safe when you’re riding at high speeds. They usually feature tear-resistant fabric that prevents burns and scratches if you crash.

How much does a sports bike jacket cost?

When shopping for a sports bike jacket, it is vital to look for a product that is made with high-quality fabric. You can’t risk purchasing a low-quality product when your safety is on the line. Lower-quality jackets won’t offer the same protection as better ones on the market; hence, you’ll need to make sure you make the right choice.

On average, a good sport bike jacket can cost you anywhere between $250 and $600. Our list has a few options that cost under $200, but most will cost slightly more.

Final Thoughts

When you’re out on the track, a sport bike jacket is an essential product you can’t afford to miss out on. A good-quality sports bike jacket can protect you from nasty burns and scratches in case you crash. 

It would help if you looked after your safety and purchased a product that provides enough protection to keep you safe.

Purchasing a good jacket can be challenging, given the abundance of options on the market. However, if you consider a product on our list, you can be assured that it will meet all your expectations. We’ve carefully looked at each product to ensure that it is up to your mark. 

So don’t wait any longer, and purchase a sports bike jacket today!


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