2023 Aventon Level 2 Commuter E-bike Review

With the rising demand for efficient and green urban transportation, e-bikes have surged in popularity. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the brand-new Aventon Level 2, the latest update to Aventon’s revered commuter e-bike line.

Aventon Level 2 Commuter E-bike Review

Aesthetics and First Impressions

The Aventon Level 2 has undergone noticeable design tweaks. The down tube appears more modern, shedding its softer curves for a more defined edge. Integrated rear tail lights also make an entrance, boosting both safety and visual appeal.

Aventon Level 2 Commuter E-bike Review

Features Overview

The real star of the Aventon Level 2 is its new torque sensor. A first for Aventon, this torque sensor introduces a more natural and intuitive riding feel. This is quite significant, especially for bikes in a more affordable range. Another notable upgrade is the new display paired with an app that we’ll delve into shortly. Yet, some features remain tried and tested, such as the 500-watt motor, 672 watt-hour battery, front suspension fork, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Performance Testing

Aventon Level 2 Commuter E-bike Review

On our brake test, the Aventon Level 2 showcased impressive stopping power, averaging a stopping distance of just over 20 feet. The Tektro HD 350e hydraulic disc brakes are a welcome improvement over the previous model’s Zoom brakes, providing reliability and ease of servicing.

The range test further accentuates the Level 2’s performance improvements. The inclusion of the torque sensor has contributed significantly to battery efficiency. With the same motor and battery configuration as its predecessor, the Level 2 astonishingly offers a range between 35 and 67 miles.

User Interface and Experience

Aventon Level 2 Commuter E-bike Review

The cockpit layout is user-centric. Soft rubber grips ensure comfort during long commutes. The introduction of a new color display is a considerable improvement over the previous model, offering a clear percentage-based battery readout. The accompanying Aventon app further enhances the rider’s experience, offering ride metrics, community engagement, and more.

Additionally, the Aventon Level 2 ensures practicality for the commuter. Fenders, an integrated rear tail light, and a rack rated for up to 55 pounds make daily commuting or leisurely rides a breeze.

Hill Performance

Our Hill test yielded some intriguing results. Though the Aventon Level 2 performed admirably, there was a slight dip in raw power compared to its predecessor. This change aligns with Aventon’s emphasis on battery life and ride feel over sheer power.


The Aventon Level 2 manages to strike a balance between function, design, and performance. While it retains the essence of what made the original Level commendable, it introduces features that cater to the evolving needs of modern riders. Whether you’re commuting daily or simply looking for a leisurely ride, the Aventon Level 2 promises to deliver a top-notch experience. For more detailed specifications and pricing, head to the EBR website linked below.


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