Best E-bike Conversion Kits With Battery in 2023

Have you ever thought about turbocharging your existing bike instead of spending on a whole new e-bike? Electric bike conversion kits can effortlessly transform your current ride into a power-assisted wonder!

E-bikes have paved the way for a wider spectrum of cycling experiences, opening doors for those seeking a little help with pedaling. They’ve simplified the shift to environmentally friendly transport alternatives, making the choice to go green a breeze.

You might desire pedal assistance for a multitude of reasons – perhaps it makes cycling more feasible for you and your loved ones, or maybe the idea of an extra push just seems more enjoyable. Regardless, the e-bike market is extensive, and often accompanied by a hefty price tag. So, if you’re grappling with finding the perfect e-bike and have a regular bike sitting idle, an electric bike conversion kit could be your knight in shining armor.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a new e-bike or a conversion kit, it’s impossible to overlook the benefits of top-tier electric bikes. They provide a simpler pathway to explore diverse landscapes and cycling conditions. Additionally, they present an economical and eco-friendly alternative to conventional means of transport, allowing you to move swiftly with less exertion than a traditional bike. This feature is particularly handy for commuters or those using bikes professionally. Imagine zipping to work on one of the best commuter e-bikes, arriving refreshed and relaxed, while simultaneously saving a considerable amount compared to skyrocketing gas or train ticket prices.

An eBike kit is an all-in-one solution to turn your traditional pedal bike into a power-packed electric variant. It’s like a fairy godmother’s wand for your bicycle, changing it from a pumpkin into a shiny carriage. This kit usually includes an electric motor, a controller, and of course, a battery – the heart and soul of any electric bike.

Choosing the right eBike kit with a battery is akin to selecting the perfect partner for a dance – you need the one that complements your bicycle and enhances its performance, not steps on its toes. Your journey on the winding road of electric mobility should be smooth, empowering, and above all, enjoyable.

Check out our top picked Best E-bike Conversion Kits With Battery for you in 2023!

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit
Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit


  • 48V 1000W Powerful brushless gearless motor, restricted to 750W for legality
  • Dual Mode Controller enhances motor life
  • LCD Display for battery and pedal assist status
  • Full conversion kit included, battery not included
  • Requires 48V electrokinetic cell battery with minimum 11.6Ah

Price: $255.00

Team Review

Over the course of two weeks, our team rigorously tested the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit on a variety of road surfaces and weather conditions in our city’s extensive bike trail network. Our primary focus was on the kit’s power, adaptability, and overall performance.

The 48V 1000W motor delivered impressive speed, demonstrating its capability even on challenging inclines. The restricted 750W setting complied with local road regulations, yet still provided a considerable power boost. We observed that the Dual Mode Controller efficiently managed the motor function under varied conditions, promising increased longevity for the e-bike.

The LCD display was clear and easy to read, even in direct sunlight, providing real-time data on battery life and pedal assistance. The components included in the kit allowed for a comprehensive conversion of our standard bikes. Note that a battery is not included and needs to be sourced separately.

The conversion was mostly straightforward, though some team members with less bike mechanic experience had to put in some extra time for wheel truing. We recommend having the kit installed professionally if you’re not confident in your mechanical skills.

In summary, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit is a practical, cost-effective option for transforming a regular bike into an e-bike. While the installation process may pose a minor challenge to some, the performance and features offer an excellent return on investment.


  • Powerful and adaptable motor
  • Dual-mode controller extends motor life
  • Comprehensive conversion components
  • Clear, easy-to-read LCD


  • Battery not included
  • Installation may require professional skills
  • Durability of components yet to be tested

Shop here: Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 


  • Universal Compatibility with various bike types
  • Easy installation with video and instruction manual
  • 1-year warranty and North American after-sales service
  • Complete Accessory kit included
  • 48V and 52V battery compatibility

Price: $729.00 – $1,189.00

Team Review

Our team of seasoned cyclists took the BAFANG Electric Bike 1000W BBSHD BBS03 Mid Drive Motor Kit for an extended test ride through a range of terrains, from city streets to off-road trails. The riding conditions varied over the two-week period of testing, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the kit’s performance.

The most striking aspect of the BAFANG kit was its universal compatibility. Our team installed it on various types of bikes, including fatbikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes, without any compatibility issues.

The kit was easy to install, which we appreciated, given the varied skill levels of our team members. The video and instruction manual were straightforward and easy to follow, ensuring a smooth setup process.

We also tested the kit’s battery compatibility and were impressed by the seamless operation with both 48V and 52V batteries. It was reassuring to see the kit’s adaptability to different power options, an essential feature for e-bikers looking to customize their rides.

However, we noted that the bottom bracket clearance could be a concern depending on the type of bike you’re converting. Ensure you check this before installing.

The kit’s after-sales service stood out during the review period. We reached out to the service center with a few queries, and their prompt, efficient response added to our overall positive experience.

After putting the kit through its paces, we’re confident that the BAFANG Electric Bike BBSHD Mid Drive Motor Kit offers a robust, versatile, and user-friendly solution for bike conversion enthusiasts.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Comprehensive accessory kit
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Good power options


  • Bottom bracket clearance
  • Brake sensor value unclear
  • Battery display may cause confusion
  • Installation instructions could be clearer
  • Limited color options

Shop here: BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 

 TongSheng Mid-Drive Kit 

 TongSheng Mid-Drive Kit


  • Fits standard bikes with 68-73mm bottom bracket
  • Torque sensor & handle throttle for kinetic energy conversion
  • Enhanced waterproofing and longer engine life in the new version
  • Power output synchronized with pedal for safety
  • 52v 750w 4500rpm power

Price: $419.00

Team Review: We, at, have spent a considerable amount of time testing the New Version 52V 750w Tongsheng TSDZ2 ebike Kit. This mid-motor kit was put to test on varying terrains across the countryside over a period of several weeks. We were particularly impressed by the torque sensor and handle throttle, which accurately detected the force applied and converted it into kinetic energy. This functionality was particularly useful during uphill rides, providing just the right boost for a smooth ride.

The kit is claimed to have an improved version which boasts enhanced waterproofing and prolonged engine life. While we could confirm the former during a ride through light rainfall, the latter would require a more extended period of testing. We also appreciated the safety feature where the power output syncs with the pedal.

However, we did encounter some issues as well. During our test rides, the motor started heating up and produced noticeable noise after about 150 miles. In addition, the torque sensor on the unit we tested had some wobble, resulting in a somewhat bumpy ride. However, it was rectified with the help of online guides.


  • High power output
  • Responsive torque sensor
  • Improved waterproofing
  • Advanced safety features


  • Motor heats up over time
  • Potential wobble in torque sensor
  • Limited to kilometers in firmware
  • Warranty service issues

Shop here:  TongSheng Mid-Drive Kit 

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric Bike Conversion Kit


  • Brushless 20 inch 36V 350W gear hub
  • Waterproof controller box
  • Pedal Assistance System (8 PAS)
  • LCD Display with comprehensive functions
  • Easy to assemble kit

Price: $269.90

Team Review:

During our time with the Kunray Electric Bike Conversion Kit, we installed it on multiple bikes within our fleet for a thorough and comprehensive review. Our testing included city biking, off-road terrains, and uphill climbs over a period of several weeks.

The 350W Brushless gear hub performed admirably in various conditions, delivering consistent speeds between 15-18mph. The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) offered a dynamic riding experience, allowing us to cruise without excessive throttle response, making our rides enjoyable yet environmentally friendly.

The LCD Display was another highlight of this kit. It was responsive and intuitive, offering an array of data including battery percentage and trip distance. Additionally, the waterproof controller box withstood some testing weather conditions without any issues.

However, we experienced a few hiccups with the installation process. The manual lacked detailed setup instructions, forcing us to rely on third-party sources. The Pedal Assistance Sensor bracket also required modifications for certain bike models.


  • High-speed gear hub
  • PAS enhances riding experience
  • Intuitive LCD Display
  • Waterproof controller box


  • Incomplete manual
  • Installation requires modifications
  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Some compatibility issues

Shop here: Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Kunray Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor


  • 36v 350w brushless front hub motor kit
  • Speeds up to 17-22mph (28-35km/h)
  • 8 PAS (Pedal Assistance System)
  • LCD Display showing battery, speed, and distance
  • Easy assembly and cost-effective

Price: $289.90

Team Review:

We were pleased with the robust performance of the 350w brushless front hub motor, which reliably produced speeds up to 17-22mph. It was easy to maintain these speeds thanks to the sensitive 8-level Pedal Assistance System (PAS), which responds smoothly to pedaling input, and an informative LCD display that keeps the cyclist well-informed about speed, distance, and battery life.

Installing the conversion kit was fairly straightforward. However, we did note that the kit did not come with a detailed installation guide, requiring some time watching online videos to figure out the correct assembly process. Additionally, we encountered a few technical issues with the brake wiring and motor operation, causing occasional unexpected shut-offs.

An aspect that stood out positively was the cost-effectiveness of this kit. It offers a practical way to convert a traditional bicycle into an e-bike without breaking the bank. On the downside, it’s important to note that the kit does not include a battery, which represents an additional expense that some might overlook when purchasing.


  • High motor power
  • Sensitive PAS
  • Informative LCD display
  • Easy assembly
  • Cost-effective


  • Instructions not detailed
  • Occasional technical issues
  • No battery included
  • Requires online research
  • Extra expense for the battery

Shop here: Kunray Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit


  • Simple conversion kit to electric bike
  • Includes LCD Display showing essential information
  • Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) for optional throttle response
  • 1-year warranty on hub motors and batteries, 3-month warranty for other components
  • Detailed components for installation, battery & tire not included

Price: $389.99 – $539.99

Team Review

Our team at took the EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit out for a detailed field test, spanning multiple rides over the course of two weeks. The bike was ridden across a diverse range of terrains from city roads, park trails, to uphill paths. We experienced varying weather conditions during these weeks, providing us a comprehensive insight into the kit’s performance and durability.

The EBIKELING kit promises a hassle-free installation process which proved mostly true, however, the inclusion of more comprehensive instructions could prove beneficial. The ride was overall smooth with the motor showing decent response times, though a 3-second delay was observed in both motor activation and deactivation in response to pedaling, a point to consider for those heavily reliant on pedal assist.

The LCD display gave a real-time performance overview, tracking speed, battery percentage, distance covered, and more. However, the Pedal Assist System (PAS) settings didn’t offer as much flexibility as we’d like, with the top speed being significantly tied to the assistance level.

In terms of battery life, the kit’s performance varied based on the PAS setting used. For instance, on setting 5, the battery lasted for approximately 30 miles, while on setting 3, it maintained 100% for the first 10 miles and dropped to 75% after an additional 10 miles.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the EBIKELING kit still presents an attractive proposition for converting a standard bicycle into an electric one. It offers a cost-effective solution without needing a proprietary battery.


  • Affordable conversion kit
  • Informative LCD display
  • Pedal Assist Sensor feature
  • Durable components


  • Delay in motor response
  • Vague installation instructions
  • Inflexible PAS settings
  • Battery life varies widely

Shop here: EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit


Friction Drive Approach

In the friction drive method of e-bike transformation, a roller plays the key role. It pushes against the tire, rotating it as the roller itself moves. Despite not being the pinnacle of efficiency, the simplicity of its design and function cannot be overstated. The requirements to make this system work are fairly minimal, but it has its shortcomings when compared to other more advanced systems. A practical application of this design can be seen in the Rubbee X, a friction drive conversion kit system.

Mid-Drive Conversion

Many leading e-bikes harness the power of mid-drive, known for delivering a riding experience that closely mimics a conventional bike. This is why the mid-drive system is also favored for conversion kits. With the weight nestled low within the frame and power being applied directly to the crank, riders enjoy a more authentic power delivery sensation. However, these benefits come at a cost. They are generally more expensive, can be challenging to install, and the various standards across models can make choosing the right components a tricky business. The Bafang Mid Drive Motor Kit exemplifies this type of system.

Electric Bike Wheel Conversion KITS

A balanced approach to e-bike conversion involves swapping either the front or rear wheel with a hub-mounted motor. The process is fairly straightforward, and depending on the battery’s position, it can result in an effective weight distribution. However, powering the wheel does alter the power delivery’s feel and a heavy front wheel may influence the bike’s handling characteristics. If the idea of a mid-drive conversion is daunting, opting for this type of conversion could be an excellent choice. Brands such as EBIKING and Kunray offer products in this category.

How to Chooese Your Ideal E-Bike Conversion Kit

When the call of the electric bike conversion appeals to you, and you’re considering adapting one of your existing bicycles, your initial focus should be on defining your personal needs and conducting thorough research. Lucky for you, you’ve landed in the right spot. This guide is designed to help you navigate those waters.

Firstly, you should dive into understanding the specific regulations pertaining to e-bikes in your local area. Armed with this knowledge, consider your usual travel conditions and the range you require from your e-bike. For instance, if your daily commute includes steep hills, a kit offering substantial top-end power might be a better fit. The final step is to confirm compatibility between the kit and your chosen bicycle. If you’re not quite comfortable taking on the installation yourself, it might be wise to reach out to a trustworthy bike shop for an installation quote.

Does Every E-Bike Conversion Kit Include a Battery?

The quick response is “not necessarily”. Naturally, a battery is a crucial part of the setup, so while exploring your options online, ensure the kit you’re eyeing comes with a battery. It’s common to find kits excluding a battery, and that can make a seemingly extraordinary deal less appealing upon closer examination. If you encounter such a situation, confirm whether the battery is part of the package. If it’s not, you could opt to procure the battery separately, but do your due diligence to ascertain you’re getting the right one.

What’s the Speed Limit for Electric Bikes?

Addressing this question accurately is a bit challenging since electric bikes—and by extension, conversion kits—are primarily designed to supplement pedaling rather than supplant it entirely. The motor’s power is gauged in terms of wattage; consequently, a motor with a higher wattage generally yields faster speeds.

Nonetheless, the speed is frequently capped due to specific national regulations. For instance, in the UK, an e-bike can legally assist up to 25kmph (15.5mph). Beyond that speed, the rider can pedal faster, but the motor ceases to assist. If you exceed this limit, the bike might fall under the category of a moped or motorcycle, necessitating appropriate licensing and taxation. Note that laws vary from one country to another—U.S., for example, allows more powerful motors, but state-specific regulations also apply.

Which Bicycle Makes the Best Candidate for Electric Conversion?

When considering a potential bike for conversion, you must examine its current condition and components. As an electric motor significantly amplifies the torque, a drivetrain of subpar quality or one that’s worn out can lead to suboptimal performance. This can cause shifting issues or even chain breakage. The bike’s braking system is another crucial aspect to consider. The extra weight and possible speed increase from an e-bike conversion kit will put additional stress on the brakes. Therefore, a bike fitted with disc brakes is a more suitable candidate for conversion due to their superior braking performance.

Trust in Unknown Brands: Should I Be Concerned?

In the rapidly evolving realm of electric bikes, it’s not uncommon to encounter an array of brands that seem alien. The e-bike trend has been expanding at an impressive pace, leading to the constant emergence of new brands. Moreover, regions such as Europe and particularly the US, are still adapting to this trend. Thus, it’s likely you’ll come across unfamiliar names.

Consumer instinct often prompts us to be wary of unknown brands, which is a sensible approach in many instances. However, in the sphere of electric bikes and conversion kits, a more open-minded stance might be required. If you’re reluctant to embrace unfamiliar names, your options might appear limited. Despite being new to you, many of these brands possess a commendable track record.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply diving headfirst without due diligence. As always, thorough research is paramount before parting with your hard-earned money. Embrace the idea of exploring new companies but be sure to delve deeper, reading reviews and researching the brand. You may discover that the unfamiliar name is a reputable brand based in another part of the globe.

Electric Bike Conversion Vs. Buying an E-Bike: What Should I Choose?

Weighing all possible options is essential. Perhaps you have a long-forgotten bike stashed away in your shed, seemingly perfect for an e-bike conversion. While it might seem like an ideal candidate, selling it off and putting the proceeds towards a ready-made electric bike could be a wiser decision.

The value in designing and building with a particular end-use in mind can’t be understated. In many instances, a high-quality electric bike conversion kit could cost almost as much as an entirely new electric bike. When a company designs an e-bike from scratch, it can maintain lower costs and achieve a higher degree of integration. Carefully evaluate your reasons for considering a bike conversion and compare them to the options available in the market. While conversions might be the ideal choice in certain situations, in others, a brand new e-bike might be the smarter investment.

Is it Legal to Use Electric Bike Conversion Kits?

While the kits themselves and the process of installing them on your bike are perfectly legal, questions surrounding legality come into play when you start using your new electric bike. These laws can differ significantly based on your geographical location and the type of kit you’ve selected.

In the US, for instance, e-bikes are divided into different classes based on their power, speed restrictions, and the presence or absence of a throttle, each subject to distinct regulations. In other parts of the world like the UK, rules are somewhat simpler. If an e-bike has a speed limiter over 25km/h, it’s categorized as a moped, while anything below this speed is treated as a bicycle.

Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the local laws governing e-bikes. Our guide to e-bike classes can assist you in navigating this complex landscape.

How to Instal an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each e-bike conversion kit operates differently, hence requiring a unique installation method.

The simplest kits to install are friction-drive kits, like the Rubbee X, which mounts a roller onto your rear tire. Using the Rubbee as an example, you only need to attach the device to your seat post and ensure the roller makes contact with the tire. More complex systems, on the other hand, necessitate the removal of drivetrain components and wheels, and the installation of wiring. While these aren’t insurmountable tasks, they might require specific tools and a dash of patience.

How Much Will an E-Bike Conversion Kit Set You Back?

The cost of an electric bike conversion kit can vary substantially, depending largely on the specific kit. Some kits can be bought for as low as £250 ($350), whereas high-end, integrated kits could set you back as much as £750 ($900).

Can Local Bike Shops Install My E-Bike Conversion Kit?

The idea of personally installing your electric bike conversion kit might be daunting. After all, not everyone has the required tools, expertise, confidence, or even the spare time for such a task. The good news is that the majority of bike shops are willing to take on this task for you.

Some kits, like the Pendix model, are exclusively sold in physical stores, and the installation fee is included in the package price. For kits purchased online, like the Bafang kit, the shop typically charges based on the time it takes to install, contributing to the overall cost of the conversion. However, the peace of mind gained from knowing the job has been done correctly and safely justifies this extra expenditure.

Keep in mind that some bike shops or workshops may refuse to install a conversion kit on a bike they deem unsuitable or potentially hazardous. Therefore, if you’re considering having a local shop install your kit, it’s advisable to discuss the project with them beforehand to ensure they’re comfortable undertaking the job.

The instructions in this guide are provided for individuals to follow at their own discretion and risk. Please be aware that executing these instructions without the appropriate equipment, skill, and caution may pose a safety risk. As such, you might want to consult a bike mechanic. Future Publishing Limited provides the information for this project in good faith and without guarantees of its completeness or accuracy. To the maximum extent allowed by law, Future Publishing Limited, its suppliers, employees, agents or subcontractors will not be held liable for the use of this information, unless in cases of personal injury or death caused by negligence or other situations that cannot be legally excluded or limited.

Should I Upgrade My Regular Bike to an E-Bike?

Deciding whether to transform your existing bike into an electric one by using a conversion kit hinges on several factors that are unique to your situation.

One vital factor to consider is your desire to preserve the bike’s original functionality. Removing a conversion kit once installed can be a laborious process. If you envisage needing both powered and unpowered cycling options regularly, consider a flexible kit such as the Rubbee X, which can be easily stowed when not in use. Alternatively, acquiring a second bike for ease might be a preferable option.

The current state of your bike is another factor that should inform your decision. If you don’t already own a bike, the cumulative cost of acquiring one, purchasing a conversion kit, and having it installed might outweigh the benefits in terms of time, effort, and money. However, if you possess a bike in decent condition, converting it into an e-bike might offer excellent value for your investment.

Setting aside the monetary and practical considerations, the value of such an upgrade also hinges on how frequently you’ll use the e-bike. E-bikes can be highly invigorating, adding a fun element to your daily routine. If this upgrade results in you using your car less often, the benefits become more evident.

If you’re seeking a financial justification for this upgrade, you can calculate whether this investment would be worthwhile. Evaluate your current car usage and determine the daily or per-mile cost, taking into account fuel, parking, and maintenance expenses. Then, estimate how often and how far you’ll use your bike post-conversion. This will help you calculate the decrease in car usage costs per day or mile. Thus, you can determine how long or how many miles it would take for the e-bike conversion kit to offset its own cost.


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