Cycling Music: Best Tracks For Indoor Cycling and Spinning

Feel tired and can’t stick to your indoor cycling plan? Perhaps you need the right music!

Let’s talk about how the right tunes can take your indoor cycling game to the next level. We’re diving into the beat of cycling music, highlighting why it’s key to a great session, and sharing tips to pick the best songs for your ride. Love a powerful rhythm or a chill vibe? We’ll guide you.

Crafting the Perfect Playlist

When it comes to cycling music, one size does not fit all. The best tracks for your ride depend on the intensity and type of your workout. Are you warming up, hitting a high-intensity interval, or cooling down? Each phase of your spin deserves its own beat. A well-crafted playlist will feature a mix of steady, rhythmic tunes for endurance phases and upbeat, fast-paced bangers for those sprints.

Warm-Up Grooves: Start with something that has a good beat but isn’t too fast. Aim for tracks that are more than just background music; they should motivate and prepare you for the ride ahead. Consider songs with a BPM (beats per minute) that match a comfortable pedaling pace.

High-Energy Hits: As you transition into more intense intervals, your music should follow suit. This is where those high-tempo tracks come in, providing the auditory adrenaline to fuel your fire. Songs with a faster BPM will keep your legs pumping and your heart racing.

Cool-Down Tunes: After the peak of your workout, it’s important to bring the energy down and allow your body to recover. This is the time for slower tracks that help you relax and reflect on the effort you’ve just put in.

Syncing Beats with Pedals

The science of syncing your cycling pace with the BPM of your music is called ‘beat matching.’ It can help you maintain a steady rhythm during your workout. Indoor cycling enthusiasts often use this technique to enhance their performance. By matching the beat of the music to your desired RPM (revolutions per minute), you create a pace guide that’s both auditory and motivating.


The Ultimate Indoor Cycling Tracks

Here’s a small selection of my favorite tracks that could elevate your next indoor cycling session

“Rock That Roadbike” – A Sonic Journey for Cyclists

Among the must-haves in my cycling playlist is “Rock That Roadbike” from the album Cycology by Svenson—a fusion of Berlin’s edgy rock vibes with an electrifying guitar solo that transports you straight to a vibrant, dynamic soundscape.

The entire composition resonates with the spirit of Berlin fusion rock—unrestrained, bold, and full of life. It’s the sort of track that doesn’t just accompany your workout; it elevates it, transforming a routine spinning session into a thrilling journey. The energy is sustained by a variety of dynamic sounds, each layer building upon the next to create a full-bodied auditory experience that pushes you to cycle harder and faster.

When the guitar solo hits, it’s nothing short of inspirational. It’s a climactic moment that seems to understand just when you need that extra push. In those minutes, you’re not just riding; you’re performing, with every turn of the pedals in sync with Svenson’s strumming. It’s a guitar virtuoso performance that makes “Rock That Roadbike” a track that stands out in any cycling music playlist.

This track, with its blend of robust rock foundations and the zest of instrumental prowess, is a testament to how music can be tailor-made for the cycling enthusiast. It’s a perfect addition to any indoor cycling session, especially when you’re aiming to conquer those steep virtual hills or sprint through the last few high-energy intervals of your workout.

Here’s my playlist of cycling songs that I would recommend, and you can choose your cycling track based on your beat, starting at 70 BPM:

Feel Again — OneRepublic (70 BPM)

Ho Hey — The Lumineers (80 BPM)

Van Halen – Crossing Over – 81 BPM

Rick Ross & Meek Mill – SHAQ & KOBE – 87 BPM

Sia – Unstoppable (Clarence Clarity Remix) – 89 BPM

Kiss You — One Direction (90 BPM)

Miley Cyrus – Week Without You – 90 BPM

Ed Sheeran – F64 – 94 BPM

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero (ILLENIUM Remix) – 97 BPM

Some Nights — Fun. (110 BPM)

Brokenhearted — Karmin (120 BPM)

I Love It (Cobra Starship Remix) — Icona Pop & Charli XCX (130 BPM)

Closer to the Edge — 30 Seconds to Mars 140 (BPM)

All I Do Is Win — DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, & Rick Ross (150 BPM)


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