Female Body Cycling Transformation: Before and After in One Month

Cycling is a fantastic way to improve fitness, lose weight, and transform your body. It’s a low-impact exercise that can yield significant results in a short period, making it an ideal choice for those looking to see noticeable changes. And the before and after results can be very encouraging and inspiring, within just a short time. And this could motivate other females who want to take cycling as a new way to shape their bodies.

People spend a lot of time working out and just want to transform their body, especially their legs. So cycling is one of the best investments as it could help with pushing past plateaus and reach your ideal body translation within just one month.

Check out our female cyclist before and after cycling photos below.

Cycling Before & After Pictures (Females)

No matter if it’s just a beginning of fitness journey or a continuation for your body translation, the key is to achieve success within a short of time and with easy schedule. Cycling is worth your time as it can be a workout plan that burns your extra fat, stech your leg muscles, and boost your body systems no matter what your age. Most importantly, it’s well-rounded and doesn’t need a complex plan.

Cycling is not merely a perfect way to change your body, but it leads to more people who have the same interest to

Cycling is a great way to change your body, and it can also bring you together with people who have the same goals as you. As the before and after pictures below show, getting into cycling and staying motivated with positive body changes and social support could lead to unmatched success.

Cycling Body Change: Female 1 – Julia

Female Body Cycling Transmation: Before and After in One Month

After giving birth to her second child and seeing a close friend have a stroke, Julia decided it was time to dust off her Peloton and become one of the few women who changed their bodies by cycling. She used to cycle a lot and that’s her secret to losing weight but she wondered if she could continue to cycling and get back to her old body shape.

A Peloton, or other at-home spin or stationary bike, gives a rider the advantage of workout from the comfort of their own home. Unlike a spin class or outdoor biking, a Peloton or Peloton-style bike could be a good option for those with more complicated scheduling needs.

Julia has two children and had to use the workout equipment at home. So what she did was a 20 minutes cycling workout for each day, and after 1 week the time reached 1 hour. So one-hour of cycling for her now becomes a daily routine. Because she could take care of her children without leaving home, and the time is flexible as well. She thinks it’s better than workout in the gym especially for females and new moms like her.

Of course Julia also has healthy diet for her whole body transformation. She even doesn’t need to take 1000 calorie deficit and this one month bike exercise helped her shed 20 pounds. Within two months, she had reduced by 30 pounds of weight. To make the results better, she has added a new strength schedule into her cycling training and after 3 months later, she saw a weight loss of 45 pounds.

You could tell this easily by her before and after pictures. This is a huge change after her cycling plan and you can tell the impressive weight loss from her belly, stomach, arms and legs. Her physical results definitely are a good example for all females. But she said is not easy to persevere, so she also browse some forums and also takes 2 days off each week.

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Cycling Body Change: Female 2 – Eve

Eve decided to drop weight and make a change to her body when she moved to Thailand. She said she was tired of her fat and that’s why she was on diet, yet just food control doesn’t help with her weight and cannot reach her goal of body transformation.

Female Body Cycling Transmation: Before and After in One Month

She was thinking maybe cycling could be worth her try as she had took part in a cycling trip when she was a teenager and she enjoyed that feeling but it’s been a while since the last time biking. But after she moved to Thailand, she thought this could be a second chance for her to lose weight by cycling.

So she made a 2 monthly cycling plan for each day and it’s about 24 miles of biking for every day (almost one and a half hours). This intense schedule indeed help her reach her dream and what she did was just keep cycling and healthy eating habits.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that a 154 pounds person can burn around 435 to 885 calories when cycling. If you are doing intense biking then the number can go higher. Eve didn’t tell us about her weight but still, she could burn about 3,045 calories per week.

After 2 months of cycling, Eve has seen obvious weight loss in her back and stomach and especially her thighs. She was very happy to see her body transformation that her fat has gone from heir body, her arms, cheekbones and legs.

Cycling is a gift for Eve and brings her more than health, but confidence that she looks for. It also allows her to explore nature and appreciate the scenery along the road.

Cycling Body Change: Female 3 – Kate

To change her body shape, Kate joined an indoor cycling training class called SoulCycle and want to know how this fitness journey would transform her body after 30 days. She knows how cycling would benefit and help her body shape but just hasn’t yet determined to take the cycling plan and really started to have a structured cycling routine.

Female Body Cycling Transmation: Before and After in One Month

This type of cycling class is about $30 per hour and it will give you deep cycling training.

Started with warming up, the SoulCycle class then takes you to intense sprints and uphill climbs which is very tiring at first, yet exciting as well.

After that, you will have resistance bands or get some extra weights to fully stretch your body. Painful process yet very fruitful if you can stick to it.

Lastly, there is a cardio segment and final stretching to help you end the whole cycling class.

The best part is the upbeat songs during the cycling process and the meditative music in the stretching part. However, this typical cycling class indeed helps females who want to have a huge change yet don’t know how, or do not want to go through it alone like Julia.

With the help of SoulCycle, Kate has finished her 30 days cycling training. She said it’s painful like hell in the beginning and she could even hear how her muscles and body were against her. However, what she gained after the one-hour class is a loss of 250 to 450 calories. And this is the final success after the class, also the motivation for the next time. Kate says except the cycling training, good eating habits are also important things she learned from the before and after class. She told us if you cannot stop your old unhealthy eating habits, you probably would fail your fitness journey.

However, what can really motivate Kate was the scheduling of class and encouragement from the coach there. Also going with her friend and her classmate helps a lot. Other emotional benefits are the atmosphere, cheering music and high intensity.

Although she didn’t lose much weight, just 10 pounds, still one can tell the difference from her before and after leg pictures. She felt it was leaner in her thighs and somehow the decrease in inflammation.

How Long Does Cycling Take to Transform a Woman’s Body?

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that can lead to significant physical transformations, improving both fitness and body composition. However, the timeline for these changes can vary based on several factors including starting fitness level, intensity of workouts, diet, and consistency.

Your Weight Before Cycling

Your weight can be a very important factor in how fast cycling influences your body shape. According to Wisconsin Department of Health Services, a cyclist that weights 130 pounds could only burn 100 calories whereas a 190 pounds cyclist can burn 400 calories. This means if your starting weight is high, then you will get a better result after cycling for a certain time.


Your hormones and metabolism would slow as you grow old. These two can influence how much calories burned in a day. This means the younger you are, the more effective cycling can be. So if a female has over 40, then she needs to cycle more and intense exercise.

Cycling Speed

A faster speed while biking compared to a slow one will burn more claries regardless of your stature. This is the crucial part in the before and after body change. But one cannot bear a faster biking speed in the beginning, so take your time and increase the cycling intensity gradually.


The same way like cycling speed, if you can add resistance in the cycling, no matter it’s an indoor bike or an outdoor bike, it helps tone your muscles. Because the extra weight or band resistance can help with strength training and even burn your extra calories. It’s just that you need to endure the training while increasing the resistance on the bike.

The above are the takeaways of cycling factors. So if you are about to start the cycling as your workout daily routine, to tone your muscle or lose your weight or get the physical result of body transformation, then you should know now that it takes about 1 month for cycling to have some substantial changes. However, if you can stick to it for 2 months, you will be amazed by what you can do.

For female cyclists, you can see your body improving in the form of toned arms and legs within just one month. However, don’t drop the training immediately, but keep it as a habit, to maintain what you have achieved.

Can cycling help with female body shapes? What’s the catch?

When females seek cycling for body shapes change, they have such hesitation about the side-effect of it. What if they end up with large and bulky muscles in their legs? The truth is you don’t need to worry about it as bulking up in women is almost impossible.

Due to the fact that women have less testosterone, their muscle mass and strength are lower and harder to achieve compared to men. So that’s why when you look at those female athletes, they don’t have bulky legs or bodies. And you probably won’t train yourself like Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and World Cup soccer player Alex Morgan yet they don’t even have those masculine features and bulky bodies but only toned legs and thighs.

Your body will surely be changed if you can take cycling as a routine and there will be only results of losing weight and becoming leaner instead of getting bulky.

Female Cyclist Physiques

How you cycle and how you workout will be the key in your body shape transformation. The same story like how different between a sprinter’s legs and long distance runners. This is because their muscles are trained at different intensities, and you can figure out by yourself when it comes to cycling.

So it could help keep your legs slimmer if you can try different cycling styles and gestures. Long distance bikers usually have a slimmer and sleeker body after a certain time. This is because their ultra endurance in their intense workouts will help burn more calories. Check the long distance biker’s body shape below, and you can see how toned her muscles are without being bulky.

Female Body Cycling Transmation: Before and After in One Month

Ideally, if you can train your self like those professional athlete, then you can have their legs and body shapes. But most of females do not need high intense training of cycling. So the key is if you can stick to it.

If you can do only 30 minutes of cycling in the beginning, it’s totally fine. Just stick to it and check the effect after 2 months. Just don’t drop at the halfway.

4 Weeks Before and After Cycling Plan

Week 1: Building the Foundation

Commit to a consistent riding schedule, aiming for at least 3-5 sessions per week. Start with manageable distances and gradually increase as your endurance improves. A mix of short, high-intensity rides and longer, moderate-paced rides can be beneficial.

Incorporate proper warm-up and cool-down routines to prevent injuries. Stretching and light exercises before and after cycling help improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

Adopt a balanced diet rich in lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to fuel your rides. Proper nutrition supports muscle recovery and energy levels.

Hydration is crucial, especially during and after rides. Drink plenty of water and consider electrolyte-rich drinks to replenish lost minerals.

Week 2: Increasing Intensity

Incorporate interval training to boost cardiovascular fitness and burn more calories. Alternate between high-intensity bursts and recovery periods during your rides.

Complement cycling with strength training exercises targeting the core, legs, and upper body. Building muscle helps improve cycling performance and overall body composition.

Continue to track your physical measurements and fitness levels. Note any changes in weight, body measurements, and endurance.

Based on your progress, adjust your goals and training intensity. Challenge yourself with longer distances or steeper inclines to keep improving.

Week 3: Noticing Changes

By the third week, many women start noticing physical changes. Weight loss, especially around the midsection, and muscle toning in the legs and glutes are common. Clothes may fit better, and overall body composition improves.

Endurance levels typically see a significant boost. You’ll find it easier to cycle longer distances and recover more quickly after intense rides.

Cycling regularly can lead to improved mood and reduced stress levels. The release of endorphins during exercise contributes to a sense of well-being.

Seeing progress and achieving fitness goals can enhance self-confidence and motivation to continue.

Week 4: Achieving Transformation

In the final week, push your limits to achieve peak performance. Focus on maintaining high intensity and maximizing the benefits of each ride.

Fine-tune your diet to support your final week of intense training. Ensure you’re consuming enough calories and nutrients to fuel your rides and aid recovery.

Compare your before and after measurements, photos, and fitness metrics. Note the improvements in body composition, strength, and endurance.

Celebrate your achievements and the hard work you’ve put in. Reflect on the progress made and set new fitness goals for the future.

Does cycling only tone your legs?

It’s true that cycling helps a lot with legs toning but it can do more than that as it’s a full body transformation exercise. When you are cycling, your body is burning calories and extra fat and you are also using your arms as well.

These are some suggestions of cycling styles from our cycling experts that can help with your different parts of the body

Downhill cycling: A way to force your arms and shoulders muscles to work and train them to achieve a balance.

Mountain Biking: It engages all your bodies, your stomach, sides and back to get stability while riding on uneven road.

Indoor cycling: A way to train your full body through cardio routines and resistance routines which can help your entire body muscles.

If you want to add cycling to your already established workout schedule, it’s also worth your time. And it’s convenient and can be done at home without taking much room. So if you long for a cycling body transformation, and really expect to see the before and after cycling magic, then start to cycle now and you will achieve not only weight loss, strength building and toned legs, but also extra benefits like confidence and happiness.


The timeline for body transformation through cycling varies, but noticeable improvements can be seen within the first month, with significant changes occurring by three to six months. Consistency, a balanced diet, and gradually increasing the intensity of workouts are essential for achieving the best results. Remember that every individual’s body responds differently, so it’s important to stay motivated, enjoy the process, and continue pushing towards your fitness goals


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