How to ride a road bike? Here comes the tutorial!

The distance to the subway station is one kilometer from work. What to do if you are in a hurry and don’t want to walk? Shared bicycles come in handy. This commuting bike ride is already a form of exercise.

So, how can we engage in road biking more professionally?

Preparations for Riding

Firstly, adjust the saddle height according to the rider’s height, ensuring that the legs are not fully extended when pedaling to the lowest position.

Adjust the handlebar angle and height. The lower the center of gravity, the faster the spee.

Wear appropriate cycling attire, gloves, a safety helmet, and prepare some drinking water and food

Handlebar Positions

Beginners should grip the upper handlebars, with hands on the brakes, and ride with extended arms, keeping a relaxed posture.

After becoming proficient, you can grip the lower handlebars, bend your arms, lower your waist, look ahead, and increase the cycling speed.

Pedaling Techniques

Beginners should maintain a pedaling rate of 70-80 revolutions per minute.

Shift to lower gears when going uphill and higher gears when going downhill.

Emergency Braking

eginners tend to squeeze both brakes simultaneously when facing danger. When decelerating at high speed, this might cause the rider to be thrown forward.

To prevent such dangerous situations, it’s best to move your hips backward first and then apply the brakes.

If there is enough braking distance, you can use intermittent braking to slow down.

Cycling Hand Signals

Whether driving or cycling, it’s important to follow traffic regulations.


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