Sarah Gigante Triumphs at Tour Down Under

Sarah Gigante, an Australian cycling prodigy, has made a remarkable comeback at the Tour Down Under, marking a victorious start to her 2024 season. This achievement is particularly impressive considering the 23-year-old’s challenging journey, filled with health issues and limited racing opportunities.

Gigante, hailing from Melbourne, faced a tough period in her career, battling illness, heart complications, and numerous injuries. Her participation in 2023 was restricted to a single event at the Women’s WorldTour – the Tour of Scandinavia. Her future in the sport seemed uncertain due to these setbacks and reduced racing chances.

Yet, Gigante refused to let her potential fade away. In a bold move, she parted ways with her previous team, Movistar, and joined AG Insurance-Soudal. This decision paid off spectacularly at the Women’s WorldTour’s opening race of the season, where she not only competed but emerged victoriously, signaling a significant turnaround in her career.

Gigante’s triumph at the Tour Down Under wasn’t just a win; it was a testament to her resilience. “Winning here means the world to me,” she expressed. Despite a disappointing national time trial, her team’s unwavering belief in her abilities fueled her comeback. This victory, she noted, was especially meaningful given her previous win at the same event three years ago, followed by a series of challenges.

Her determination was evident in her disciplined approach to training, where she didn’t skip a single session, maintaining a strong belief in herself. Gigante values this self-belief and the support from those who believed in her as her greatest achievements.

The pivotal moment of her comeback occurred at Willunga Hill, a site synonymous with cycling triumphs in Australia and reminiscent of her 2021 victory at the Santos Festival of Cycling. Despite encountering obstacles like crosswinds and a stray dog on race day, Gigante showcased her exceptional climbing skills. She dominated the climb at Willunga Hill, securing both the stage and the overall general classification win.

Reflecting on her performance, Gigante shared her confidence upon gaining a lead. She knew the challenge was in conserving energy until the crucial climb, but once at the base of Willunga, she felt assured of her victory. Her successful ascent marks not just a win, but a symbolic rise above the trials she faced, heralding a promising future in her cycling career.

Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: Getty Images

Sarah Gigante’s extraordinary performance at the Tour Down Under showcased her remarkable talent, even on the moderately challenging Willunga Hill climb, known for its 3.4km length and 7.4% gradient. Gigante’s prowess was evident as she outperformed some of the world’s top cyclists, including Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig of FDJ-Suez and Amanda Spratt of Lidl-Trek, making the climb seem almost effortless.

Her strategy on Willunga Hill was a departure from her team’s initial plan. Instead of following the usual path taken by famed cyclist Richie Porte, Gigante trusted her instincts and chose to attack from the bottom of the hill. This bold move stemmed from her confidence in her form, despite a lack of recent results and limited racing experience in the past few years.

The night before the race, Gigante revisited footage of her previous win at the Festival of Cycling for motivation. Though she acknowledged the increased difficulty of this year’s race, her determination was unwavering. She pushed through the headwind, undeterred by the pack of competitors trailing her. As one by one they fell back, the encouragement of her team and director spurred her on, propelling her to a decisive victory.

Gigante’s win marked not just a personal achievement but also the beginning of a promising phase in her career. She emphasized her intention to relish this triumph before setting her sights on larger objectives. Now comfortably settled in with AG Insurance-Soudal, she feels at home and valued, a contrast to her previous experiences.

Her newfound confidence and the support from her team have rejuvenated her career. Gigante looks forward to participating in more WorldTour events than the previous season, already starting with a win under her belt. This victory is not just a one-off achievement; it signifies the potential for Gigante to become a leading figure in women’s cycling. Her comeback journey is just starting, and it’s poised to be an inspiring one.


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