Can riding a bicycle help alleviate work stress?

For the vast majority of individuals, the nine-to-five office grind is a reality. The office environment, as we all know, can sometimes become a breeding ground for stress. Shockingly, statistics reveal that a staggering 37% of work-related illnesses last year were attributed to the pressures of work stress. However, here’s a solution that might just pedal your stress away – cycling.

Engaging in regular exercise

Such as biking to and from work, has proven to be a potent stress reliever. Research has unveiled a remarkable finding: employees who consistently partake in physical activities take a remarkable 27% fewer sick days compared to their less active counterparts. What’s more, cycling doesn’t just flex your muscles; it curtails the overall number of sick days you take each year.

The production of various hormones

Physical activity acts as a catalyst for the production of various hormones, including those sought-after endorphins and cortisol, known for their stress-relieving properties. This not only enhances your mood but also makes stress relief a more effective endeavor. Furthermore, regular exercise does wonders for boosting self-confidence. Interestingly, it’s not just about the body; it’s about the mind. A study conducted by the University of Leeds demonstrated that employees who engage in physical activities during lunch breaks exhibit heightened efficiency in their work tasks.

Delving into the promising realm of cycling

Delving into the promising realm of cycling, it’s hard to ignore the surge in cyclists within urban landscapes. Take London, for instance, where the number of cyclists has witnessed a remarkable 155% increase in recent years. And London is not alone; this trend spans numerous cities. As of now, an astounding 760,000 individuals in the UK opt for the bicycle as their mode of commuting.

physical health

Beyond the realm of stress relief, cycling to work boasts substantial advantages for physical health. A comprehensive five-year study led by the University of Glasgow unveiled a striking revelation. When compared to passengers relying on cars or public transportation, those who cycle to work experience significantly lower health risks. Think about it – the risk of cancer diminishes by 45%, heart disease by 46%, and cardiovascular issues by 27%.


Embracing the world of cycling for the daily commute needn’t be an intimidating journey. In fact, Mark Bull, CEO of Randstads, encapsulates the essence perfectly: “Cycling to work is a great way to stay healthy, and if you work in the city, it can help you avoid crowded train cars and congestion.” With an increasing number of companies initiating “cycle to work” initiatives, bicycles have seamlessly integrated themselves into the fabric of daily life. So, why not pedal your way to a less stressful work life and a healthier you?


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