Singapore Bike Brand: Embracing Compact Power with Mighty Velo

Imagine a local Singaporean brand capturing the essence of compact, folding bicycles perfectly. That’s Mighty Velo (MV) for you. A small team of 15 individuals, committed to transforming urban transportation and driving the Lion City towards a car-lite society. We always love to see new brands of bicycles, especially some with their own features and style. No double Might Velo is one of them.

The Genesis of a Compact Powerhouse

A journey that began 16 years ago, MV didn’t come into existence like your typical business. There was no inherited name, no handed-down resources. It was an accidental foray into the foldable bike industry, fuelled by a personal quest for fitness. When two corporate burnouts decided to cycle their way to health, little did they know they were pedalling towards a business venture that would revolutionise mobility in foldable bicycle Singapore

MV’s Role in Shaping Public Transport Policies

The unfolding of MV’s story is as intriguing as their bicycles. The founders not only introduced an innovative product to the market, but they also reshaped public transport policy in the city-state. Their tireless efforts to integrate foldable bikes into the public transport system in 2006 bore fruit in 2008 when off-peak accessibility was granted. Over time, this scheme has evolved, marking a significant milestone for MV. Their pioneering work was recognised with the prestigious “Car-Lite Champion” award by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Evolving Rides: From Strida to Pacific Cycles

MV’s journey kicked off with the peculiar yet impressive Strida bikes. From there, the brand expanded to represent Brompton foldable bikes in Southeast Asia. Now, MV’s repertoire boasts of high-performance foldable bikes, all the way from Taiwan’s Pacific Cycles. Riese and Müller’s Birdy bikes, the Reach GT, IFMove, the compact CarryMe, and the adult tricycle CarryAll are some noteworthy names in their collection. Each model stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, performance, and the compact ethos.

A Comprehensive Cycling Experience

Mighty Velo isn’t just about selling bikes; it’s about selling a complete cycling experience. Their Bike Experience Store at BreadTalk IHQ Building, a dedicated Service Centre, and a trained team of bike technicians ensure that customer satisfaction and service quality aren’t compromised. Add to this a robust distribution network and a large bike-building warehouse, and you have a brand that covers every aspect of the cycling journey. This is different from other brands that are also popular in sg like Rodalink, and Pro Cycle. These brands are there for years and offer quality bikes as well yet when you looking for the cycling experience, it’s quite different. And that’s how Velo stands out.

The Mighty Velo Advantage

MV embodies strength, sturdiness, and reliability, just like their compact, foldable bikes. They’ve effectively debunked the notion that smaller wheels equate to lesser performance. With MV, you get a bike that is as mighty as any full-sized counterpart and the added convenience of foldability. Moreover, this Singaporean-owned SME has taken a hands-on role in promoting environmentally-friendly commuting options, earning them respect and popularity among local cyclists. After all, we all love this green idea when purchasing things online.

All in all, Mighty Velo stands as a beacon in Singapore’s cycling landscape, championing the cause of foldable bikes. They’ve proven that small can indeed be mighty, and with them at the helm, the future of compact commuting looks promising. From their advocacy for inclusive public transportation policies to their relentless pursuit of performance and innovation, Mighty Velo is more than a brand – it’s a movement, one that is redefining the future of urban mobility in Singapore.


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