Top 10 Best E-Bike Brands That You Can Trust

E-bikes are more than just a regular bicycle with an electric motor attached. They bring together the essence of traditional biking—freedom, simplicity, and joy—with an added boost of power, providing an effortless ride even over hilly terrains or long distances. This unique blend of man and machine has been transformative, encouraging individuals to switch from conventional modes of transport to this more sustainable and healthier option.

However, as the e-bike market continues to flourish, the number of e-bike brands popping up on the radar has increased exponentially. For potential e-bike owners, this brings about the challenge of making the right choice. With an investment as significant as an e-bike, you want to be certain that you’re selecting a brand that’s reliable, delivers high-quality performance, and provides excellent customer support.

That’s why we’ve carefully curated a list of the top 10 e-bike brands that have proven their mettle in the industry. These brands stand out for their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making them trustworthy options to consider in your search for the perfect e-bike.

Stay tuned as we delve into these top brands, explore their unique offerings, and explain why they’ve earned their place in our trusty top 10. The journey towards your perfect e-bike starts here!



Honbike has been in the ebike industry for 10 years. This trailblazing brand has defied convention, borrowing innovation from the motorcycle industry to revolutionize the e-bike sector. With a patent for their unique shaft drive system, they’ve crafted a product that sets them apart in an increasingly saturated market. Their commitment to designing from bare essentials and omitting superfluous elements results in an e-bike that’s more than a transportation tool—it’s a statement about environmental responsibility and an investment in a cleaner future.

We have tested their famous HF01, and to be honest we like its sleek design with a sense of technology. It is said by Honbike that the HF01 has reduced to 57 parts compared to the usual 200+ in a typical e-bike. Fewer parts translate to less energy consumed in production, transportation, and assembly, effectively lowering its carbon footprint. I know this may sound a bit of marketing driven but who doesn’t like simplicity?

Their bikes not only stand out because of the design, but also their overall performance. The bike folds down to compact dimensions in three simple steps, making it suitable for transit via buses, subways, and elevators. Weighing in at a mere 20 kg, including the battery, it can be carried upstairs or stored practically anywhere. While shared scooters or bikes often fall short of expectations, the HF01 is reliable for those last-mile travel needs. It easily fits into a car trunk, making it an ideal companion for leisurely countryside rides.

Read our in-depth review of Honbike U4; Honbike HF01

Shop here: Honbike



Among the swarm of ebikes in the market, Lectric’s model is refreshingly straightforward, boasting simplicity and accessibility without compromising on quality.

The Lectric XP 3.0, priced reasonably at $999, is a testament to the brand’s focus on affordability. It carries a potent 800-watt peak motor and a sturdy 9.6 Ah battery, facilitating smooth rides for all, irrespective of biking prowess. The brand’s commitment to versatility is evident in the frame design, accommodating riders of varying heights comfortably.

What sets Lectric apart is its innovation and pragmatism. The foldable design of the XP 3.0 – an absolute marvel, coupled with a range of optional accessories, ensures enhanced convenience. Add-ons like racks, a more pleasant seat, folding bike lock, and premium headlight contribute to the brand’s robust offering.

The story of Lectric is rooted in friendship and a shared vision by Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel. From virtual gaming partners to business collaborators, their determination to create a universally accessible mode of transportation at an honest price is commendable. The brand, therefore, embodies innovation, fearlessness, and relentless inspiration, all the while maintaining its authentic voice.

In essence, Lectric is a brand that stays true to its vision and delivers a dependable ebike without imposing financial stress, making it a worthy choice for riders who value both quality and affordability. Check out our in-depth review of Lectric XP 3.0.

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Uniquely, Aventon facilitates trial before purchase through their extensive network of dealerships across the United States. This customer-centric approach is a significant differentiator in an industry that often adopts a one-size-fits-all mentality. Aventon offers a variety of frame sizes across their models, underlining their commitment to personalized comfort.

Since its inception in 2013, Aventon has been steadfast in its innovative design approach. Their distinctive muscle design and the infusion of hydroform technology redefine the attainability of high-quality ebikes.

With prices ranging from $1,199 to $1,899, Aventon offers an attractive lineup. Our top picks include the foldable Aventon Sinch and the Aventon Level. And making its debut in 2021, the Aventon Aventure is certainly a model to look forward to.

Shop here: Aventon

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes

At Bicyclingland, we recently had a chance to put Juiced Bikes to the test, and it’s clear they are trailblazers in the ebike industry. Their game-changer is undoubtedly their exceptional battery technology. A standout feature is the robust 52-volt batteries, a rarity among direct-to-consumer ebike companies in 2022. The option of a whopping 19.2 Ah battery on some models effectively quashes any concerns about range.

Juiced Bikes has shown a penchant for innovation, lately directing their focus towards moped-style electric bikes. The Scorpion, HyperScorpion, and the newly introduced dual-battery HyperScrambler 2, are making waves, yet they still cater to varied biking preferences with models like the commuter-friendly CrossCurrent and the off-road-ready RipCurrent.

Juiced Bikes, based in California, is among the pioneers of the direct-to-consumer ebike market in the U.S. They consistently deliver high-performing, value-optimized electric mobility products without compromise. Their customer-first ideology and commitment to maximizing performance value resonate strongly with us at Bicyclingland.

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As an aficionado of the biking world, my experience with Biktrix was nothing short of a thrilling ride. Originating from a humble Kickstarter campaign, this Canadian venture has emerged as a prominent player in the direct-to-consumer ebike market, shipping their varied model range worldwide.

The standout feature of Biktrix is their emphasis on customization. This is a brand that lets you personalize almost every aspect of your bike – from color to frame size, battery to wheels, forks to brakes – allowing you to design the ebike of your dreams.

Biktrix was born from the vision of Roshan Thomas, CEO and Founder. Originally a DIY enthusiast and motorcyclist, Thomas found his passion while attempting to build an electric motorcycle and getting acquainted with ebikes during his trips to Europe. His subsequent endeavors into creating electric fat bikes piqued interest and unveiled a growing demand for such models.

Thomas’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap in 2014 when he launched the Juggernaut via Kickstarter – a pioneering 750W mid-drive ebike. The campaign’s success catapulted Biktrix from a one-man operation into a reputable online, direct-to-consumer premium electric bike company.

Biktrix stands as a testament to what customization and entrepreneurial spirit can bring to the ebike industry. For those who crave a bespoke biking experience without compromising performance, Biktrix is undoubtedly a brand to consider.

Shop here: Biktrix

Blix Bikes

Blix Bikes

With Blix Bikes, my recent cycling escapade for Bicyclingland was a captivating experience. Since its inception in Santa Cruz, CA, in 2014, Blix has rapidly ascended the ranks to become one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer ebike brands in the U.S., and rightly so.

Blix’s mission is to inspire healthier, more exciting lifestyles through the creation of stylish, practical, and performance-driven ebikes. Their portfolio spans city, cruiser, cargo, and folding ebikes, catering to a broad spectrum of biking preferences. The joy of swapping car rides for the smooth experience on a Blix e-bike is indeed exhilarating.

Blix enhances short-distance travel, making it faster and more enjoyable. Their ebikes prove invaluable for businesses seeking sustainable delivery options, decreasing transportation costs, and hastening delivery times. For cities, Blix contributes to a lively street culture, improved air quality, and increased accessibility, steering communities towards sustainability.

In 2022, Blix expanded their offering, stepping into the realm of fat tire ebikes with the Ultra, and the Dubbel, designed explicitly for urban settings. Our review of the Blix Packa Genie left us genuinely impressed with its quality and value proposition. Coupled with their US-based customer support, Blix is a brand we confidently recommend for anyone seeking a blend of style, utility, and performance in an ebike.

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Stepping into the ebike scene with a breath of fresh air is Buzz, a new entrant that’s making significant waves already. With a knack for simplicity, Buzz has crafted electric bikes that cater to all ages and genders. Their initial offerings include a versatile hybrid electric bike and a practical electric tricycle, each uniquely appealing.

What caught my attention was the inclusion of a mid-drive motor, a premium feature rarely seen at Buzz’s price point. Despite being a fresh face in the market, Buzz has quickly amassed a substantial amount of feedback and ratings, providing potential buyers with plenty of user experiences to reference.

Buzz’s location in the heart of the U.S. brings a keen understanding of community importance, as evidenced by their “Buzz Across America” initiative, which awarded twenty local businesses with a Buzz e-bike. This demonstrates a genuine commitment to local matters that resonates deeply with us at Bicyclingland.

Further enriching their brand is a blend of vast industry experience and the vitality of a new business, totaling over 125 years. Their interesting bee-supporting initiative gives a peek into their commitment to improving the world for future generations (though moving hives in the Cerana T trike basket is at the rider’s own risk!).

For those seeking simplicity, value, and community engagement in an ebike brand, Buzz comes across as a promising and exciting option to consider.

Shop here: Buzz

Engwe eBikes

Engwe eBikes

At Bicyclingland, we recently had the opportunity to test the ebikes from Engwe, a brand that has established itself over two decades in the electric mobility sphere. Known for their e-bikes, hoverboards, and electric scooters, Engwe’s diversity is truly commendable.

Their current lineup includes a variety of power-packed ebikes: an electric folding fat tire ebike, a full-suspension folding ebike, a mini ebike, and an affordably priced electric mountain bike. Engwe’s eclectic range serves riders of all types, offering a valuable alternative to other popular brands in the market.

Engwe was born from the adventurous spirit of three young biking enthusiasts who faced an uphill challenge, literally and figuratively. After a strenuous mountainous ride, the idea of an electric bike sparked their imagination. Overcoming financial obstacles and leveraging a win at a Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, the trio embarked on their journey, formalizing their venture as “ENGWE.”

Eight years later, Engwe is a global brand with nearly a million fans, a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to accessible e-biking. Their constant effort to develop advanced, aesthetically pleasing ebikes, while maintaining a beginner-friendly price and practical design, is admirable.

From my personal experience, Engwe is a promising brand for anyone seeking a blend of versatility, affordability, and performance in their e-bike selection.

Shop here: Engwe eBikes



EVELO is a reputable e-bike company, founded in 2011, with headquarters in Boston and San Francisco. They have made a name for themselves through the manufacturing of high-quality, mid-drive electric bikes that are designed to last. With bikes offering an average range of 50 miles per charge, EVELO has a variety of models that appeal to recreational cyclists who expect to use their e-bike for the next 10 to 20 years.

EVELO was officially launched in 2012 with their three inaugural models: Aries, Aurora, and Orion. The same year, they pioneered a Trans-American Electric Bike Tour, a 4,000-mile journey led by co-founder Boris Mordkovich to test the durability and reliability of their models.

Over the years, EVELO has continued to innovate and grow, adding new models to their lineup and incorporating advanced technologies. In 2022, they released the EVELO Omega and Atlas models and began shipping them in time for the riding season. These models incorporate a new style in frame battery while still retaining powerful Mid Drive motor systems.

In summary, EVELO has a strong history of innovation and resilience, and they continue to make strides in e-bike manufacturing.

Gazelle Bikes

Gazelle Bikes

Gazelle Bikes, founded in 1892 and headquartered in Dieren, the Netherlands, is a renowned producer of high-quality hybrid and trekking electric bikes as well as a single Dutch-style conventional bicycle. Although Gazelle bikes are sold in high numbers through countless bike stores worldwide, their primary focus is on the high-end market, as evidenced by their use of the latest and most efficient components on their bikes.

The Gazelle factory in Dieren has been producing bicycles to the highest quality standards for over a century. As the Gazelle brand continued to grow over the years, the original factory was continuously expanded and remodeled to accommodate this growth. In 2014, recognizing the need for further expansion due to the brand’s continuous growth, they embarked on a total renovation and build-out of the original factory in Dieren.

The new facility, proudly inaugurated by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander on September 3, 2015, comprises the Innovation & Production Center housed in the original factory building and a new 7000m2 assembly shop. This new assembly building, built between the existing factory buildings and the historic main building, houses the bicycle assembly lines and the automated paint shop where the bicycles are painted.

Gazelle Bikes, with their long history and commitment to quality and innovation, offers top-shelf e-bikes in the high-end market, providing customers with reliable and efficient cycling options.

BrandFeaturesProsConsWhy Trustworthy
BiktrixCustomizable, wide rangeHigh-quality, global shippingHigher price1. High customization. 2. Global presence.
BlixStylish, versatile modelsFast-growing US brand, affordableLimited fat tire options1. Fast growth. 2. Affordability.
BuzzSimple design, mid-drive motorGood community involvement, affordableNewer brand1. Community focus. 2. Affordable options.
EngweVariety of models, powerfulGreat for different rider typesLesser known brand1. Power and variety. 2. Longstanding experience.
EVELOMid-drive e-bikes, glossy finishDurable, Direct to ConsumerLimited styles1. High durability. 2. Longstanding presence.
GazelleHigh-end hybrid and trekking e-bikesTop-shelf components, wide reachExpensive1. High-end components. 2. Over a century in business.
LectricFoldable e-bikes, efficientGreat customer service, AffordableLimited model variety1. Excellent customer service. 2. Cost-effective.
AventonHigh performance, stylishQuality build, Good value for moneyLimited global presence1. High-performance bikes. 2. Value for money.
Juiced BikesHigh power, long-rangeInnovative, Top performanceHigher price range1. Innovative designs. 2. Top-performing e-bikes.
Top Ten Ebike Brands Reviewed

FAQ about Ebike Brands

How many ebike brands are there?

There are hundreds of e-bike brands worldwide. The e-bike market has been growing rapidly, and as a result, many new brands have emerged, while existing bicycle manufacturers have started offering electric versions of their bikes. These brands range from very well-known international names to smaller local or niche brands. Our listed 10 Best bike brands are our in depth research result. We will add more after we have tested other bike brands.

Who is the biggest ebike seller in USA?

Rad Power Bikes was often cited as the largest e-bike seller in the U.S. in terms of sales volume. The Seattle-based company has gained significant popularity and has expanded rapidly since its inception. They are known for offering a variety of e-bike models at relatively affordable prices compared to some competitors.

However, the e-bike market is dynamic, with new players entering regularly and existing brands expanding or contracting in terms of market share.

Where are most Ebikes made?

The vast majority of e-bikes, including their components like frames, motors, and batteries, are manufactured in China. China has long been the global hub for bicycle production, and this has carried over into the e-bike market as well. Chinese factories benefit from economies of scale, established supply chains, and expertise in electronic manufacturing.

The city of Tianjin, for instance, is often referred to as the “bicycle capital of the world” due to its significant output of bicycles and e-bikes. Many of the e-bikes that are branded and sold by companies from Europe, North America, and other regions are often sourced or manufactured in China, even if design and development happen elsewhere.

That said, while China dominates e-bike production, there are manufacturers and assembly plants in other parts of the world, including Europe and North America. For instance, some high-end or bespoke e-bike brands may choose to manufacture or assemble their products locally for better quality control or branding purposes.

It’s also worth noting that while the bikes themselves might be assembled in one country, the components can come from various places. For example, Bosch, a German company, is a significant player in the e-bike motor and battery sector, supplying many e-bike brands worldwide.
Given the rapid growth and evolution of the e-bike industry, manufacturing dynamics might shift over time, with other countries potentially increasing their production capacities.


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