The Top 10 Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets in 2023

Nothing beats a nice bike ride if you’ve had a long week. One of life’s greatest pleasures is riding your bike across the country. Nothing compares to the freedom of hitting the open road or trail at the end of a hard week. However, before you embark on your journey, you’ll need all the necessary safety gear.

If you’re like many bikers who live in a warm climate, you’ll need a mesh motorcycle jacket to keep you safe on your ride. A mesh jacket is made from lightweight and waterproof material, making it perfect for warm weather.

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While many people worry about mesh jackets’ safety compared to leather jackets, they don’t fall far behind. Mesh Motorcycle jackets are equipped with loads of safety and comfort features to keep you safe on your ride. From impact protection to convenience features, the jackets are great additions to safety for any biker!

If you’re planning on purchasing a mesh motorcycle jacket, you may hit a roadblock. The market has thousands of options, and distinguishing between a good and a subpar product is hard. However, you don’t have to worry! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 jackets you can buy this year to make your journey a little more comfortable when it’s warm!

Top 10 Mesh Motorcycle Helmets

#1 REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket

REV'IT! Eclipse Jacket

You may not consider wearing your jacket on a bike ride on warm days. However, jackets are essential to staying safe; thus, you’ll want to purchase one such as the REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket. This jacket is both functional and stylish, which means it is perfect for wearing in the summer. Here’s why you need to consider purchasing this product.

The jacket features a sleek, built mesh material that is lightweight and airy yet keeps you safe. The jacket is reinforced near the shoulders and the elbows to protect you during an accident. Furthermore, it is compatible with the SeeSoft back protector.

The jacket comes in three sizes and six different colors. With adjustable straps and plenty of ventilation panels, you’re bound to have a comfortable ride with his jacket on. Furthermore, with a reflective logo, it’s great for night riding. If you’re looking for a jacket that keeps you cool and safe, the Eclipse jacket is for you!

Shop here: REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket

#2 BILT Techno 2 Jacket

BILT Techno 2 Jacket

The BILT Techno 2 Jacket is the perfect match for bikers living in regions with varying weather conditions. This jacket can withstand multiple seasons, so it’s a worthy investment. The jacket has plenty of ventilation features, helping you stay cool while you ride your bike on a hot summer day. 

When we said the jacket could withstand multiple seasons, we meant it! It comes with a removable inner liner that is quilted for cooler days during winter. It also has reflective stickers for night riding, allowing incoming traffic to see you there clearly. It also has zip and jeans loops to improve its fitting further.

This jacket isn’t just airy; it’s meant to protect you while you ride your bike. It has reinforced panels around the shoulder and elbow in case you were to get into an accident. Furthermore, it has adjustment hip tabs for added comfort. The jacket is perfect for year-round bike riding.

Shop here: BILT Techno 2 Jacket

#3 Klim Induction Jacket

Klim Induction Jacket

If you’re looking for an airy jacket that doesn’t compromise on safety, the Klim Induction Jacket is the right pick for you. If you live in a region with a warm climate, you know it can be a pain to wear safety equipment like jackets. However, you won’t have a hard time with this jacket that’s of its design.

The jacket features a state-of-the-art airflow system to help you stay cool on a long ride. Even in the warmest climates, you won’t feel any difference in the temperature as you would without a jacket on. The jacket also has comfort features such as stretch panels to improve mobility while you’re on your bike.

The Klim Induction Jacket is made from industrial-grade mesh that is durable and strong. With extra protection around the shoulders and elbows, this jacket provides ample protection if you were to get into an accident. This jacket is the perfect product for bikers who want to stay safe while living in warm weather.

Shop here: Klim Induction Jacket

#4 Klim Induction Pro Jacket

Klim Induction Pro Jacket

The Klim Induction Pro Jacket is a step up from the regular Klim Induction Jacket. It is an excellent option if you’re in need of a lightweight outer layer without sacrificing protection. Warm-climate residents may attest to the fact that protective clothing, such as jackets, can be a real headache to wear. 

On the other hand, this jacket’s straightforward construction means you won’t have any trouble wearing it.

The cutting-edge ventilation technology built into the jacket will keep you comfortable even on a hot day. You won’t feel any colder than you would without a jacket, even in the hottest climes. The stretch panels on the jacket add to your movement and comfort while riding.

The Klim Induction Jacket’s mesh is of commercial quality, so that it will last. This jacket has reinforced padding at the shoulders and elbows to keep you safe in the event of a collision. This jacket is ideal for warm-climate riders who value security without sacrificing ventilation.

Shop here: Klim Induction Pro Jacket

#5 REAX Apex Pro Mesh Jacket

REAX Apex Pro Mesh Jacket

Have you ever wanted a Mesh jacket that looks similar to a leather jacket? If so, the REAX Apex Pro Mesh Jacket is the right jacket for you. The jacket comes in two colors, both of which are almost indistinguishable from a regular leather jacket! It also has a nice aggressive fit with features to improve comfort in warm weather.

The jacket’s outer shell is made from a combination of poly air mesh and 600D poly to provide ample comfort and safety. Its shoulders and elbows are reinforced with SAS-TEC armor to provide enough protection to prevent serious injuries during a crash. The jacket is also compatible with back protectors; however, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

The REAX Pro Mesh Jacket comes with tons of comfort features. It features a waterproof inner liner that can be placed inside the jacket or worn around the jacket. Whenever you don’t need it, fold it and store it in a handy back pocket in the jacket. It also has waterproof pockets to store your mobile devices. The Pro Mesh Jacket is the right pick for you if you want a versatile jacket.

Shop here: REAX Apex Pro Mesh Jacket

#6 Sedici Federico 2 Mesh Jacket

Sedici Federico 2 Mesh Jacket

The Sedici Mesh Jacket is a durable piece of motorcycle safety equipment. When you’re out on your bike, it’s natural to be worried about your safety. However, with this jacket, you’re bound to stay safe since it was designed keeping safety in mind. The jacket features Level 2 shoulder and elbow protection, keeping you safe while you’re on your bike.

The jacket is made from high tensile mesh to improve airflow into the jacket. If you’re wearing a regular jacket on a bike, you’re bound to heat up. However, the lightweight material of this jacket ensures ventilation is covered, keeping you cool while you’re on your ride.

The jacket had adjustable tabs around the waist to improve its fitting with extra stretch panels. All pockets are waterproof, helping you keep your valuables safe. Furthermore, there are YKK zippers to help keep you dry. If you’re looking for an affordable motorcycle jacket, this one is the right pick for you.

Shop here: Sedici Federico 2 Mesh Jacket

#7 Klim Baja S4 Jacket

Klim Baja S4 Jacket

The Klim Baja S4 Jacket was designed to maximize airflow through the jacket. It’s made from an abrasion-resistant mesh, which makes it highly durable under tough conditions. The jacket performs excellently in the summer heat, helping you stay cool while keeping you safe.

The jacket’s tightly woven design allows for air to flow through the fabric. Since air flows through the entire surface of the jacket, you’ll barely notice the jacket is on. The jacket has straps and special cuffs to improve its fit, further improving comfort. The jacket is made from top-quality materials, which means it’s ready for the harshest conditions.

The Klim Baja S4 Jacket has CE Level 1 armor to protect your elbows and shoulders. It also has adjustable pockets for the armor, allowing you to adjust it to your body. Furthermore, a scratch-resistant, durable material lines the armor to ensure the jacket is long-lasting.

Shop here: Klim Baja S4 Jacket

#8 REV’IT! Quantum Air 2 Jacket

REV'IT! Quantum Air 2 Jacket

On hot days, you might not want to bother bringing your jacket along for the bike trip. But jackets are important for safety; therefore, you should get one like the REV’IT! Quantum Air 2 Jacket. This jacket’s design is inspired by MotoGP, giving it a sportier look than most mesh jackets. If you’re looking for a sporty jacket, this one’s for you!

This jacket is made of a stylish, breathable mesh material that will keep you protected. It has extra padding at the shoulders and elbows for further safety in the event of a fall or other mishap. Additionally, it has SEESMART Level-1 protectors for added safety.

Available in three sizes and four hues, this jacket is a versatile pick. This jacket has plenty of ventilation vents and adjustable straps to provide a pleasant ride. The logo is luminous, making it ideal for cycling at night. The Eclipse jacket is the one you choose if you value comfort and security.

Shop here: REV’IT! Quantum Air 2 Jacket

#9 Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket

Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket

If you’re looking for a versatile jacket that can be worn year-round, the Olympia Airglide 6 is perfect. It’s made from a high-density fabric that prevents abrasion and protects you during a crash. It has a removable inner liner that is windproof and waterproof so that you can use it even in harsh weather.

The jacket has comfort panels throughout its surface. The shoulder and elbow area are reinforced by special armor to keep you safe if you crash. Furthermore, it has a thermal layer to help you stay warm when the weather gets warm. This product is perfect if you’re looking for a multi-season jacket.

Shop here: Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket

#10 BILT Nomad Air Jacket

BILT Nomad Air Jacket

The BILT Nomad Jacket is for riders who regularly ride in a wide range of climates. This mesh jacket is versatile and may be worn throughout the year. As its name suggests, it’s perfect no matter where you are! The jacket is well-ventilated so that you won’t overheat even on a scorching summer ride.

An included quilted inner lining may be removed on colder weather days. For nighttime rides, reflective stickers provide visibility to the already-high quality design. It contains a zipper and jean loops for a customized fit.

This jacket isn’t simply lightweight; it’s also designed to keep you safe when you’re on the road. In the event of a collision, the shoulder and elbow areas are strengthened to prevent injuries. As an extra bonus, it contains hip tabs that can be adjusted for a custom fit. You can ride your bike all year long with this jacket.

Shop here: BILT Nomad Air Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mesh jackets safe to wear?

Mesh jackets can typically handle most accidents on a bike. If you were to fall, the mesh fabric is designed to save you. Even as you slide on the tarmac, the mesh does not tear, protecting sensitive areas of your skin.

They can even have greater abrasion resistance than standard textile jackets, depending on the material used. As an added layer of defense against the force of a fall, some mesh jackets have armor at strategic impact zones.

How are mesh jackets cooler than leather jackets?

During the warmer months, motorcyclists may stay cool by wearing a mesh jacket. The front and back are usually made of a breathable material, while the impact zones are reinforced with protection. The jacket’s mesh panels at the front and back allow cool air to circulate freely within.

Final Thoughts

If you live in an area with warm weather, you should consider buying a mesh jacket. Mesh jackets are designed to keep you cool in harsh conditions while ensuring your safety in case you fall. 

If you’re having a tough time choosing a jacket, pick one from our list. We’ve ensured that all of them pass strict criteria and are the best on the market!


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